How are my Jalapenos lookin?

Primer88August 6, 2011

Hi everyone, this is first attempt at growing anything myself. I posted a couple months ago for the first time when my plants were only about 8-10' tall. They are Walmart plants and the weather down here in AL has been brutally hot and humid since I got them. I've read some stuff about pruning back some the leaves to help with the fruiting but I'm new to all of this and I could use some pointers if you wish to share. I don't have a good place for them to sit where they get more than a few hours of direct sunlight but they seem to be doing fine with what they have. The taller plant has about 6 jalapenos growing now, the close up of the single jalapeno is the first one I let grow since I got the plants. It's almost 2' long and has stayed the same shape, size and color for about 2 weeks. I think I might pick it soon, I want them to be as hot as possible because I loooove heat.

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Hey - they look great to me. Good enough to eat... Looks like you will have a bunch of them on these plants, in time.

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