Planting types and winterizing

astrlSeptember 18, 2012

How about a quick survey of planting and winterizing preferences?

1) Do you have your plumeria in the ground or in pots?

2) How do you winterize yours?

I'll start.

1) All of mine are in pots.

2) I bring them into my enclosed patio still in their pots.

Mine will soon be too large for pots or wintering on the patio so I need to decide the next step. My plan was to put them in the ground, but we have occasional frosts and freezes so I will have to plan accordingly.


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All of mine are also in pots. They'll go (in their pots) into the garage or into the spare bedroom for the winter. I have a lot of seedlings so they will have to be set up in the spare bedroom and I may also be investing in a grow light.

As for when they get much bigger, I don't know yet. LOL!

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Dave in NoVA • 7a • Northern VA

First-year rooted cuttings will be in the basement under lights and watered a bit until they go dormant.

Large plants go in the heated garage (no lower than 50 degrees) for the winter. Smaller plants go in the basement or my office if they fit!

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about 1/2 in ground now, the rest will be by next spring with just a few staying in pots on the deck.

I will bring them in if a hard freeze is predicted, only the ones in pots. Seedlings I plan to keep in a window until they go dormant, cuttings will be brought into the bird room if it is freezing and put on a heat mat. Though I am seriously considering just sticking them all in our unheated storeroom for the winter the first time I have to carry all those pots inside!

The ones in ground will get a layer of mulch, wrapped for a light freeze.

If we have a hurricane I will just freak out.

If we had a garage I would move them all in there, hanging the big ones from the ceiling. But,no garage, no attic, no basement-there are no basements here, water table is too high and they are illegal.
Tally Ho!

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