Walking path through garden

drbayMarch 25, 2012

Currently, my vegetable garden is centered on a terrace, bordered to the east and west by retaining walls. To access the rest of the yard, the only walk-way through the garden was a two-foot wide strip of grass, bordering the retaining wall with an eight-foot drop. You guessed it- last year while mowing, my husband fell off the wall and broke his arm. I am now in the process of constructing a walk-way through the center of the garden (bordered on the east by established asparagus and strawberry beds.) What suggestions would you have for the walk-way, which will be about 25 feet? We'll be pushing a mower through it so mulch probably isn't practical.

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Mulch, and place "rails" in it for the mower - something hard like concrete pavers or 2x5 lumber (treated) placed far enough apart for the wheels of the mower to roll on.

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jannie(z7 LI NY)

When I was setting up my vegetable garden, I started with the round bare patch made by my former above-ground pool. We had the pool when the kids were young, they had lots of fun but no one used the pool for two summers so we took it down. Left with a bare circle, I decided to make a veggie garden. Started one spring by having it completely roto-tilled. Then I found large pieces of linoleum a neighbor was throwing away. Laid them out across the diameter of the circle, breaking the garden into two halves. Then placed a few bricks to hold the pieces of linoleum down. I now had access from the outside of the circle and from the center path. This has worked well for me for about ten years.

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