cruiser07October 14, 2010

yes i got a start off a friend of mine the goldfish plant and was wondering how to go about getting it started so far i have put takeroot powder on the tip of the start and put it in potting soil with some small pebbles and put a plastic bag over to keep the moister in what i was wondering how long do you leave the bag over it and how often do you water and spray mist it what lighting does it need in this early stage. do i fertilize it yet dont want to burn the root if it roots. do you think it has a chance? thank you judy god bless

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1)remove bage 2 times a day for 15 min. 2)keep soil damp but mist cuttings 2 time a day 3) lighting keep in well light window but not direct sun 4) no fertilizer till roots have formed 5)leave bag on till roots form 6) very good chance to root & survive.

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