saving annuals for cuttings next spring

jan36(z6MA)October 12, 2007

I have potted up 18 impatient plants and I am going to try to keep them alive over winter so I can take cuttings in jan. 2008 for plants in spring. Also keeping the leggy geraniums for the same thing. Has anyone done this without a greenhouse?

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little_dani(9, S. Tex Coast)

Sure. Just put them in a place that stays over 40 degrees all the time. They will need light to sustain, but probably will not grow much. I would feed a half strength water soluable fertilizer if I fed them at all.

They actually will do o.k. in cooler temps, but I don't like to give them any excuse to die. I save lots of plants like this, such as coleus and persian shield. That way I have them when I want to take cuttings for my spring plantings. Otherwise, I would have to wait until April or May before they are on the market here.

Good luck.


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greenhouser(Middle TN Zone 6)

Before I got a greenhouse I kept mine over in a sun-room facing south and west. They did very well and I had blooms all winter. Very cheery in the depths of winter.

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