Rooting morning glory vines and planting

jesse_sfOctober 28, 2007

I live in Northern California (Bay Area) and I'm experimenting with rooting morning glory vines in water and then planting them in pots. The rooting goes very (very) well, but when I plant them they get pretty wilty right away. My soil is moist, and and I've placed them in a sunny location, which they seem to like around here. Any suggestions?

I'm pretty new to this, so I apologize in advance for any ignorance my questions betrays.

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

recently transplanted rootings.. should go into shade for a while.. until the roots start pumping water .. before they are put in full blazing sun ....

also .... how long do you let the WATER roots get ... shorter the better .. get them into the growing medium ASAP .... perhaps tenting them in a plastic bag ... in shade.. until they have sufficient roots to support the leaves ...

and.. the least amount of leaves.. the smallest bit of plant .. is easier to root.. rather than a big whompin piece.. that has too much leaf mass to be supported with young tiny roots ... make sense??

no need to apologize.. we like helping..

ken .. who thought that morning glories were easily raised from seed .... i hope we are talking about the same plant ...

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im kenny and i know the ipomoea family as the morning glories, and they are very easy to start from seed. I agree, don't let too many roots form in the water, as the roots in water are brittle and are formed to get water and nutrients from the water. roots in soil ned to be tougher because of the texture of the soil, tenting and prehaps misting is a good idea

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pdxjules(8, Portland, OR)

Morning Glory is a hideous invasive in Oregon.
Hope your zone is VERY different. (Maybe be safe and try Clematis, Kiwi, or another vine?)

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