What to propagate now?

nancy0903October 13, 2013

I have a small room set up with lights, heating mats etc...Last year at this time I already had some annual cuttings in the room (verbena, euphorbia, cuphea) and I had them blooming in my planters by mother"s day. It was great. So that's easy for me BUT are there other cuttings, hardwood or root cuttings that I could do now or is that a winter job? i have some twig dogwood and a fig tree that I'd love to propagate.

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Campanula UK Z8

soon as the leaves drop from the dogwood (sibirica?), it will be great for hardwood cuttings. Like you, I am waiting to get going, especially on the currant bushes I need to propagate. Have already started with viburnum opulus (guelder rose) and a couple of species roses.

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Thanks. We have an unusually long fall here this year. I will wait for the leaves to drop. It's reassuring to have some life in the house at this time of year.

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