propagating Chrysanthemums

pink_oleander(Zb B.C.)October 4, 2005

Can someone tell me how I can propagate my mums...or point me to a site that will explain how?

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I took small cutting from my mums 2 springs ago. I dipped them in root tone, then put them in cellpacks, kept them moist out of full sun. I did about 18 cuttings. They all took, then I moved them into plant containers in full sun. when they got established I planted them in my garden, they all blommed the same fall,they were small. They all over wintered and this fall they are big and blooming great.

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pink_oleander(Zb B.C.)

Thanks Mulchy for your reply...I noticed you took your cuttings in the spring...I was going to take them now and try to over winter them under lights? I'm wondering which is the better time for cuttings to take?

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HI! I don"t know which would be better, I'm thinking early spring would be better. I worked at a greenhouse the spring I did mine and that is when they started theirs. I think mine would have been larger, but last summer was so wet and I did not fertilize them because of all the rain we got. I m going to do more of mine this spring. Goodluck with yours!!!

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pink_oleander(Zb B.C.)

Yes I think I'll wait for spring to do the cuttings too! When you worked at the greenhouse did they put one cutting to a pot or more?

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I have recently propagated some with success. I just strip the lower leaves & stick them in the ground. They will also root in water.

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Betz11(8 UT)

The new growth of the mums is the best to root, and that would normally be in the spring. Commercial growers root cuttings through out the year, but always from new growth.

I usually use cell flats, 6-packs works great. I take 3" cuttings, strip the lower half of the leaves off the stems, dip in hormone powder, then place in the cells. Don't let them dry out. I keep mine in my greenhouse until I see new growth then move them out side to get used to the weather before planting. I usually start 8 to 10 flats a year and use them to sell or trade. So far I have been very successful.

Good luck with yours.

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jasmine_il(z5 IL)

I was hoping to propagate some of my mums as well. Thank you all for the tips. I am going to give it a try in the spring.


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I just got some rooted--took cuttings about 3 weeks ago and kept them moist and they are already rooted. I really like to root things in peat pellets because then you can tell when they have rooted because the roots will just poke out of the peat pellet. I sit them in a shallow pan with a bit of water in the bottom to keep them moist.

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I bought three chrysanthenum in 10 Cm pot, all have flowers on them, as we all know this is not the normal time for them to flower as they are being "forced", I bought them in order to take cutting from them to use it in my home gardem, my qustion is " is it possible to take cutting from them", thanks

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Can they also be propagated from seed? If so, where is a good source for seed on the web? PLMK. Thanks!

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