cutting old boxwoods

missliss(7)March 30, 2010

A friend is giving us some very old boxwoods from a home they just purchased. Not sure of the exact type. The center of the plant is very thick - mainly 3 main branches. The bush themselves look pretty ragged from lack of sun over the years.

How far back can I cut these to dig up and transplant?

How long until they look decent?

I need 8 across the front of my house and not sure if it would be silly to plant 4 old on one side and 4 new on the other to save money...assuming in 2-3 years they'll look similar.

thanks for reading!

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You need to identify the species first. True English Boxwood regenerates well, so cutting them back severely works well.
Others do not sprout from old wood, and you will kill them, or they always look dead in the middle.

I would at least alternate new and old 2 each side in case they don't grow quite evenly.

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