Tips for reclaiming overrun garden?

robbyflanMarch 31, 2014

Large fenced in garden, 18' x 40', that was completely overrun with weeds, grasses, thickets, thorns, etc.. I have cut, burned, dug out and hacked away most of it, but there are still a lot of stems poking out. I plan on building many raised beds (maybe 12'' high) and paths. I would rather not have to till this large area, as i don't own a gas tiller. Would laying down cardboard be best? or landscaping fabric?
I want to get started with the beds this spring. Any advice would be appreciated.

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Yes sheet mulch with newspaper a few inches thick. You can't really go too thick...

Avoid paper with glossy finishes as the pigments are toxic.

Then cover the cardboard / newspaper with old hay, wood chips, etc.

Actually, you can do this to make the raised beds. lay down a good layer of manure, then the cardboard / newspaper, then the cover material.

Make sure no newspaper is exposed or it will wick moisture away in the summer.

Then make a small space for seedlings, and cut a small hole in the newspaper where the seedling will go.

You can put the whole garden in in a day.

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