THANKS for ur support every1! Finally blossoms!

meyermike_1micha(5)September 14, 2009

Yes finally pot some blossoms, way up here in the Antartic, well Mass!

This is what my plumie looked like strating form 2 weeks ago, then the cold moved in, so I put some in my portable greenhouse, and boy did the blossoms take off. I have one starting to throw in inflo also.

There are alos cuttings that took root from Bill, and they are all up on the roof...Enjoy!

Again, thanks to everyone for making this possible and for being such great frineds here..:-)

In the greenhouse..

On roof

Bills cuttings!

To those in New York....Don't give up..:-)

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Dave in NoVA • 7a • Northern VA

Way to go Mike! Blooms! And look at the healthy roots on all those cuttings! How do you keep the plants from blowing off the roof?

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Hahahaha, good one Dave!

Actually, a few did get blown off until I decided to use brick to support

Thanks for the compliment Dave by the way. Coming from you, it means alot.;-)

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tdogdad(Zone 9)

Way to go, Mike. you proved to all including yourself, that plumie growing is possible in New England. Your Celadine flower looks great and I am sure you are enjoying the wonderful scent. I thought I would share what you have to look forward to in your second to last picture, the plant marked #53 is a royal Hawaiian which is a wonderful plastic pink variety. Its mom is covered with inflos like the one shown here:

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Oh MY GOD!!! Bill...
Maybe next year!!!

Tell you what I am going to do. I am going to examine the cuttings closely and post the numbers of them here or on a new thread, so you can show me pics of the adults..
That would be mighty fun to see..

Thanks alot!:-)

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tdogdad(Zone 9)

No problem. I log all my flowers and plants (the plant list goes to 156 but the flower pictures go only to about 108) I have a few that died before flowering and the others are just slow to flower or I did not like the pictures I took. Some are young Thai plants that need to grow another year before good flowers show. If I recall, you also got a Guillot's Sunset (#13) and Nebel's rainbow (#42):

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Dave in NoVA • 7a • Northern VA

Ya know a lot of people (like me) post pics of just a few flowers blooming, but when you see a huge inflo with scores of blooms all blooming at once, that is all the more impressive (like that Guillot's Sunset).

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Congrats! Nothing's better than pluemria flowers especially in a cool place like Mass. When mine bloomed I was filled with so much excitement, but unfortunately every flower was torn off in that recent coastal storm, but new buds are opening now. In fact that storm almost broke it, but I propped it up against other plants to keep it up. Anyway great job, the color is great.

WOW! Guillot's Sunset is a knock out. How tall is the actual plant blooming, because those are a TON of flowers (they probbaly hog alot of attention!)

Good luck to everyone and enjoy your blooms!

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I am stuck here at work now, and I can't pull up the pics.

I can't wait to go home to see what the buzz is all about!

Thanks everyone!

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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia


Congratulations on your beautiful blooms!!! I'm so glad you didn't give have been well rewarded!!!

Bill's cuttings look great...especially the one that has those beautiful pink stems and pink edges on the leaves!!!

I didn't give up on my lemon trees either....they have grown twice the size since spring and have quite a few baby lemons on each tree!!

Never give up!!! LOL

Great Job Mike!!!

Laura in VB

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tdogdad(Zone 9)

tropical zone 7- That G.S. is about 7 feet tall but very thickly branched. My other one is over 10' and more compact fitting between a cooktown Sunset and one of my "psycho" whites.They are very heavy bloomers and bloom late into the season.They came off of Bud Guillot's 55 year old tree. Bill

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Wow, Mike what can I say. Mine are about at the stage of your first photos. I was hoping tomorrow would be the day...guess not. Low 50's tonight and I'm bringing them in.

You did it. I guess I'll keeping hanging on. Unbelievable flowers, great growing...


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Your not going to believe this!!
I just discovered another one of my plumies growing an inflo! It is only two years old from planting date when it was a cutting..

This tells me that we can grow flowers on plants as young as 2 years old from original cutting date...

I will post ok.

Jane, we just have to blame it on the lack of sun and heat we missed out on in May, June, and July! I bet we would of had some butes if we had had the heat like we are suppose to. Hold on to yours and let's see if next year brings us warmer temps and rewards. Also let's try getting them going a little earlier..k?


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Jane and anyone else..You said you havn't much room to store yours this year right?

If you cut all the leaves off and put it in an area hardly used, like a garage, cellar, or storage room, it will take up little room without leaves. Just let it rest naked, or bare, so just the stem is there, and you will see they don't take up much space at all..:-)

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More one

Dave, Bill, Laura, Loveplants2,Jane,Tropicalzone7, boy that sounds like a warm name, and everyone else, again THANKS for everything, and for all your advice to help me suceed!

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