Inca Gold vs Heidi

georgeccSeptember 17, 2012

Hi, I'm looking for a solid to pretty solid yellow (it's going between a California Sunset and a Celadine-like tree, so I don't want white and yellow or yellow and pink, etc.) Any tips on choosing between the Inca Gold and Heidi (I haven't been able to see either live)? Or any other preferred yellow?


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Hi SimiDude: Have you looked at Nebels Gold? It is solid yellow, no white and smells good too. Mine has been slowish growing but that's probably cuz I need to pot up and am dragging my feet. It is an attractive very pretty gold. Mary

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Simi, I'm also trying to find a fragrant solid yellow for my mom, but my criteria is that it's got to be very compact. For that I think Inca takes it. Everyone raves about the scent. But Heidi also has big fans.

If you want something taller, I would seriously consider Veracruz Lutica, aka Lutica. I have it and it bloomed amazing, fragrant, waxy flowers for me. The flowers start out slightly shell-shaped but open fully in more heat.


If you see an Inca Gold in person, let us know how it looks, okay?

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OOOOO! I need Lutica, wow! I love those curling blooms.

I like Inca gold and if I see one in bloom this week while out I`ll take pics of it too.
Tally HO!

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cbadcali, thanks, I was going to try Nebel's Gold. A Piece of Paradise still has cuttings for $5, so I'll try it (I also got Keilenani (a yellow to orange, I believe) and University of Hawaii Orange cuttings from them).

I also got this "rare" yellow cutting on ebay from Matt at 1-Stop-Plumeria called Udi Yeud. Here's a pic from ebay:

It even comes with a story: "This is a tree which was given to Jim Little from a premier collector friend from the Middle East, and named for his son Udi Yeud. Only two people have this cutting at this printing. It is extremely rare and has a long blooming period with large florets with multiple blooms. The JL collection of plumeria comes from collectors around the world and this is just one of the prizes being released this year along with his own new releases."

I'm new to cuttings and have about 29 (with all the recent ones, I'm using George's mulch method for callousing before rooting). Should I expect inflos next year or likely the year after? I heard that Bill Moragne waited about 18 years for one of his seedlings to bloom. I hope my cuttings don't take so long!

I am looking for a larger plant now. Jandey, if I see an Inca Gold bloom, I'll definitely describe it to you or take a pic, too. Unfortunately, none of the nurseries over here seem to have any with blooms left. I guess it has been popular. Thanks for the word on Lutica (great pics, too). I saw a pic a while back and fell in love with it, but someone told me it didn't have much of a scent. Glad to hear it does! Island Plumeria near me I believe has one (it wasn't booming last time I checked). I'll check it out. They do have a Heidi blooming, though, so I'll check that out.

I have so many pinks and reds, I definitely want to get some yellows. I had 28 plumerias when I joined this group several short weeks ago. Now I have 69 (as of today)! You guys are not a good influence! Even worse considering that 69 is quite a low number for this group! But I sure am enjoying this. So much beauty in this hobby.

I bought a couple of Hilo Beauties earlier this year. One has two inflos now. I tried to sell the other (50") on Craigslist, but didn't have to much luck (maybe if it had flowers). But one guy who has a one acre plumeria garden offered me a trade of one of his 50 varieties. I can't wait till this Saturday! I'll let you all know what I end up with!

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Simi I know what you mean when you realize you have enough of one color or another. I have an abundance of rainbows. I love the simplicity of some of the "plain" ones. The yellows and whites get lost in the never ending quest for newer and better. Not sure I'm explaining well. San Germaine is a pretty white with yellow and smells good too. Hope you find the perfect one or two! Mary

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Understood cbadcali. I fell in love with my San Germain the moment I saw and smelled it. There's so much beauty in its simplicity. I have what should have been a Maui Beauty. It's not, and the flowers are not showy like the colorful ones. But if you stop and look, they're really beautiful. Plus, it started blooming several months ago, and hasn't stopped or even slowed down. What a beauty. And there's nothing like the stunning white and yellow of a Celadine. Let's give some appreciation to the white and yellows.

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Jandey, boy that Lutica is beautiful. Tell me about the scent again?

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Well, I'm sure glad to hear 69 is not a big number! 'Cause I'm approaching that quickly!

For me, Lutica smells fabulous, a rich citrus and vanilla scent. Creamy, with no herbal or spicy overtones. It's not so strong that it wafts but it isn't light, either. And this was on a very newly-rooted plant. I expect it'll be better when it's grown some.

These are the notes I saved on it from 1-stop:
"Very thick 3.5-4" flowers with wide overlapping shell petals that open into a solid gold inflorescence. The fragrance is exceptional and lasts a long time once picked. Its best characteristic is the large, full inflorescence and the long keeping quality of the flowers. Golden cup shaped flower in nice clusters, thick and strong petals. Medium growth, upright wood. First blooms may not open fully. Amazing buttery lemon scent. Huge inflos."

So far, it's lived up to that description for me.

Now, having said that, I know fragrance varies quite a bit and some plumies may lose their great scent under different growing conditions. The growers near you would be a better judge of that.

Lemon Drop was supposed to be very strongly scented, but mine is pretty light. And the flowers don't last long on the tree or when picked.

This is why I'm curious about Inca Gold. I tried to find it at JJ's on my CA trip but there were none that I could see.

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Jandey, when I called JJ this morning, they were out of most Inca Golds. They only had some small ones left, and I don't believe he said any were blooming.

You sold me on the Lutica. Island Plumeria has one, I believe about 2 feet tall. I may get that at their Open House sale on the 29th, as long as I can wait till then! It's 15% off everything if I wait, so not too bad.

Great that you have a Lemon Drop! I saw a couple of large ones recently and they were spectacular. The shape and color of the flowers were beautiful, and they were so full of blooms it was quite a site. I was fairly neutral on the scent. It really is a stunning tree. Would like to get one, but haven't found one (or even a large cutting) yet. Sad to hear that the flowers don't last long, though. Still would like one!

Looking forward to a Lutica. And hope I find an Inca Gold and a Lemon Drop. Unless, of course, I fall in love with Heidi!

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I have Inca Gold. It hasn't bloomed, but I do know that you probably wouldn't find one blooming in September--it's an early to mid-season bloomer. The flowers look gorgeous (in the photos LOL) and folks say they smell great--my fingers are crossed for next spring!

Also, mine has grown a lot in two years...I don't know that I'd call it compact...more of a mid-size, if mine is typical.

Happy shopping!


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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

Hi George,

You will love Lutica... Wish i had one, but i do have the Elizabeth Thornton Lemon Drop and that is a true beauty for me. The pics of Jen's Lutica has sold me too!

Your Udi Yeud is stunning.. Congratulations on that beauty!!

Maybe next year.. : )

You should have no problem finding a ETLD in your area. Lots of people that have them, but i know you want large trees right?

Inca Gold is another beauty..

I did have a University of Hawaii Orange cutting, but i lost it the same year that it was brought back from CA. One of my losses.. I was so bummed.

Good Luck on your exchange with that gentleman.. I hope you find a wonderful tree!

Please keep us updated on what you find!!

Take Care,


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Laura, I bet your ET Lemon Drop is amazing. Love that tree.

Would like to get one of the yellows (Lutica, Inca Gold or ET Lemon Drop) in 3-5' size. Any other can be smaller or a cutting. I will be getting a Nebel's Gold cutting while they're on sale.

Can't wait till Saturday for the trade. Have no idea what I'm going to get. What a thrill!

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kt2fl(okla z7)


I got my Inca Gold earlier this summer and it bloomed for me. It's a very compact plant with small flowers (about 2-2.5"). I couldn't detect a scent on it. If you're looking for bigger flowers, I'd go with Jen's Lutica.

These were taken when the sun was out, don't they look like they were glowing in the dark?

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Thanks, k2fl. Beautiful flowers. Let's see what I find this weekend.

Laura, still has fat multi-tipped University of Hawaii Orange cuttings on sale ($5) in case you're interested.

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I got mine in the mail yesterday Laura, his cuttings are amazing, I ordered 24 and got 28 total. Tomorrow is my day off and I can barely wait to get out and get them started.

Ya`ll are so right, this is a dangerous place to hang out. I decided this year to start replacing the ones in our yard that were lost. I went from 6 or 7 to over 100! Ooops, I have 55 cuttings either rooting or about to root so I`m probably over 150 now. I am going on my day off to Emersons to pick up a couple I think I can not live without. He usually has a sale this time of year so he doen`t have to store them all.

Jandey let me know if you want me to pick one up for you, I know he has a ton of Inca Gold and I`ll bring it to the SA swap with us next month.

Happy shopping, can you wait for 15% off??? Sometimes the urge is to great sale or no sale.
Tally HO!

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Well, my work here is done. Tee hee!

I've never understood why more people don't get Lutica. Maybe the shell shape is unappealing? It's not easy to find, but still, a great solid yellow. Hope you find one, George! We want to hear all about your great trade, too.

Kenny, that's interesting that your Inca is staying small while Greg's isn't, and that you detect no fragrance. I think some of the CA posters who have it find the scent addictive. It is a lovely yellow flower. Maybe it'll get bigger as it ages.

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And Tally, thank you for the kind offer! I really, really, really am done for the year. Seriously! I mean it this time.

No more since I have to store them and I sure don't want to give my mom something she'll just have to store, either. It'll have to be next spring, and by then if my Penang Peach is blooming I'll give her that instead.

Good to know that Emerson has Inca Gold for future reference. :)

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tdogdad(Zone 9)

Uploaded with

Uploaded with

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Hey All,

My IG has been blooming for me consistently since May and is still going; even put out 3 seeds pods. Flower size has varied a little, from 2.5-3.5. I find it quite fragrant, so much so that when brought inside from a rainstorm I had to put it in another room as the fragrance was too strong for me. outside it is perfect. This is one of my favorites.


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Hey All,

My IG has been blooming for me consistently since May and is still going; even put out 3 seeds pods. Flower size has varied a little, from 2.5-3.5. I find it quite fragrant, so much so that when brought inside from a rainstorm I had to put it in another room as the fragrance was too strong for me. outside it is perfect. This is one of my favorites.


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Thanks Bill, for the pics of all those yellows, I appreciate it. Looks like I will have to get Inca and Lutica! I do have four of the ones in the pics, so that's not too bad a start.

It's interesting reading about how a plumeria could have so much scent in one place and none in another. When I first saw San Germaine, I was immediately taken by the scent - I couldn't quite describe it, but thought it was amazing. The woman I bought it from didn't smell much of a scent, though. A year later, it's been blooming beautifully, but I haven't detected a scent all summer. Still love it, and hoping the scent comes back!

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I'm going to gift my Aztec gold because i don't like how it grows and don't have the time to train it. The replacement plan was a lutica or apples depree. Neither has materialized yet but I did get a Heidi cutting. I'll look again in the spring and at the psa sales.

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Let us know what he has left. I might have to call him and have something sent before winter sets in!!
Just what I need is more to store for ht ewinter.


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I just found this one on Craigslist. Does anyone have any idea what this plumeria is?

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Dang, that's pretty, whatever it is, George. There aren't many plumeria that have a nice even yellow-to-orange coloration like that. Maybe Paul Weissich?

That's really strange that San Germain isn't fragrant for you now you've moved it to your house since it's famous for scent. There's just no telling sometimes.

Bill, nice to see you around!

Someone please go over to ebay and bid on that three-tip Lutica that 1-stop has listed so I'm not tempted to get another one. Really, I like the flower that much.

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May be a Paul Weissich. Looks like it when I compare pics. Does look really nice...

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Well, the great day came. First, I got to see the yellow plumeria from Craigslist. It turned out to be a beauty:

Here it is next to a California Sunset:

It is very yellow, very pure. It is more lemony in color and less orangy than the first pic. This pic may be more accurate on color:

The biggest flower is about 2.5" inches. They're little but very fragrant.

What are they? Paul Weissich?

Love these so much that when the seller said she'd give me a great deal if I bought two, I said:

"Okay, yes please."

They are really, really beautiful, and she did give me a great deal, and also tossed in a basil AND a dragonfruit plant. I gave her a rooted Lani's Beauty cutting. One day, I'll be eating dragon fruit while she's looking up at her Lani tree. All is good.

Now for the big mystery (for me, too). I went to meet the man who wanted to trade for my 50" Hilo Beauty (I had two, and wanted a new variety). He had a beautiful 1 acre yard on a slope, with lots of beautiful plumeria. Starting a plumeria business. Great guy, I wish him lots of luck.

It was a hard choice between lots of beautiful app. 50 inch plants.

Then he showed me a behemoth. It wouldn't fit in my car, no way. Tall and wide. And, I have to stress, I was not looking for a white and yellow flower. I was not. But there was something truly amazing about the flowers on this big beautiful tree:


Not a little, but like you're in a movie theatre sitting in front of a plumeria, and you're SURE it's the buttered popcorn all around you're smelling. But it isn't!!

They look like this and they smell like BUTTERED POPCORN!

I got it. So Jandey, I got another yellow and white, and I still don't have a Celadine!

Here it is in my car (after I removed the two 15 gallon yellows and the dragon fruit). Please ignore the camera lens smudge that looks like a cloud:

And here it is at home.

I'm lactose intolerant, unfortunately, so I have to limit my buttered popcorn (although frankly, I doubt any theatre uses actual butter - so I may be okay!). But regardless, I can still enjoy my buttered popcorn scented plumeria tree! And I thought Bill Moragne smelling like grape Kool-Aid was unusual!

It's been a great day.

By the way - does anyone have any idea what it is??

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Oh, my gosh, I laughed so hard at your post, George!

You're not going to believe this, but I think your new white and yellow is Buttered Popcorn. Yes, I swear there's a white and yellow plumie called Buttered Popcorn. I think maybe Fuzzy at bloomingplumerias on ebay may have developed it.

Whatever it is, I'm happy you're happy! And the yellow you found is lovely. Lucky you.

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That's a crack up! And how do you develop for a buttered popcorn scent? Do you watch blu-rays with your plumeria while feeding it theatre snacks? Or do you mix a popcorn and hot melted butter puree into its 10-50-10 plant food feeding? Inquiring minds want to know. Hats off to Fuzzy, I have no idea how he did it, but he succeeded magnificently!

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Wow, those are some kind of deals! That is a really nice looking tree! Congrats on such great finds!

I wish someone would video their plumie shopping excusions. :)

My white noid with a yellow center sometimes smells like popcorn. When it first bloomed, late winter, it had a rose scent. It kept that scent for weeks and weeks. Then, maybe as the weather got hot, the flowers developed a pink band on the backside of the petals and the scent would change, sometimes that popcorn scent, sometimes sweetish. The pink banding would come and go, the size of the blooms would change from very large to much smaller. Sometimes, and it seemed mostly late night, I thought it would smell like dirty feet. It has been a very strange plumeria but it has bloomed non stop since late February/early March. It looks like I may get only a few more flowers out of it. The flowers are rather small right now and the scent is lightly sweet.

Your flowers are shaped different than mine. The petals on mine are more pointed.

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Hi SimiDude - I got those yellow plumerias too. I don't know which plumeria this one is, but who cares because it's so pretty and smells so absolutely fantastic!! I love them!! I find that when it's triple digit temp, the bloom is more orangy and then salmon to tan in color. Now that it's cooler, the color is yellow. Craigs list is such a great place for plumerias. I didn't realize this until Brighty on this forum mentioned it.


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Moonie, I'd have fun taping these video experiences. Boy, have I had adventures, and just my first year! ButI can't tell you how many nice people I've met with amazing yards, no matter what size. Not that every experience has been great! But plumie growers tend to be a really down to earth and generous group, it's a much more benevolent group than most clubs I know!

Kasie, that's so cool we both ended up with the same unknown yellow here in Southern California! The seller has a few more, I may get a little one for a gift. I really, really like these flowers - they smell fantastic and look great.

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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia



What a beauty!!
I had to laugh at the pic of your tree in your car.. LOVE IT!! Looked like the time i brought one back from Northern VA. My Miami Rose tree was that size.. My DH just about had a heart attack when i asked him for somme helpp to get it from the car.. I just said... " It was a gift!!" LOL.. Thanks Dave!!! : ) I is still blooming.. from the beginning of spring and it is still blooming strong.. i can't believe it!!

My kind of friends!! LOL!!

If there is a will... it will fit..LMAO!!!

you got some beauties, George!! Congratulations!!

Love them all!!! Love the pis of the yellow/orange one too! I guess i just love all of them!!!

Thanks for the info on the U of Orange.. Ill check them out.

Sorry to be late to follow up, back to work for me and ive been so busy.

T.. I can 't wait to see pics of all of your cuttings!! I bet they are wonderful.. please post pics. Love to see them!

Hello to all.. Bill, nice to see you post!!

Loved all of your pics.. always beautiful...

Hi Jen.. did the Lutica sell? LOL.. I havent gone to his site in a few weeks.. I trying to be good too!
Looking at what i have to bring in.. make me stay away from the sales..

I did buy a DOn Ho from JL and im keeping my fingers crossed that it will root. My Bonnie Fox has roots YEA!!! I was worried.. She was a little slow in the rotting department!! Thanks James!! I can breath now...

I have one more that im sooo worried about... ill fill you all in if it makes it.. please pray for this special cutting for me.. I need all of my friends to do the plumeria chant for this one.. Ill keep you updated.. Lynn, you know which one im talking about... sigh

Take care,


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I think you need a Bali Hai Gold! ;)


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You may be right! Can't wait to see your trees!! But don't let me see the Thornton Lemon Drop!:)

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Great story and pics. Felt like I was riding with you. I'm not a big white/yellow follower. But, with a buttered popcorn smell; I'd have to have one!
Thanks for sharing.

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Laura, you're not kidding about when there's a will there's a way. Before the Buttered Popcorn tree, I packed a five and an 8 foot plumeria in my car, I don’t know how. One time, it was two 6-foot trees, two 5-footers, a 3 footer and a large cutting all on one trip (and most were something other than what they were labeled!). And they all arrived in good shape! Now before plumerias, I once had just moved into an apartment with a deck, and I bought this large square patio table at Target. When I arrived to the car, I realized there was no way this thing would fit in my Honda Accord. But I wasn’t going to return it, and I did have a quiet spot in a huge parking lot. An hour and a half later, and past Sunset, with an incredibly complicated set of steps (lower the steering wheel to get the top left section in, shove it down and to the right, then raise the steering well and lower the right passenger window, and on and on... And these were steps I had to replay in reverse when I got home!) it was in!!! Thank God these were the days before people coming out of a store could make fun of someone in the parking lot trying to stuff his car, using camera phones and YouTube!

Jandey - I have a big surprise. Remember how you pointed out that my three large Celadine plumeria trees (5, 7 and 8') were not Celadine? Well, I went to visit a nice old man in Ventura who sold Moragnes from his back yard. He got so tired of my sob story of having all these plumeria yet no Celadine, that he gave me this:

Now I have a Celadine! Now I really live!! You're right, it doesn’t have pink in the inflos and the scent is even stronger. Love it, although, as you pointed out, my trees may have a better looking flower. The real thing!

Well, the guy with the Rainbow multi-grafted plumeria tree, Tony, has a beautiful six foot tall, five foot wide Bali Hai Gold. It had multiple inflos and the most incredible scent - No-Clue, you would have passed out from a rush of olfactory joy! I took it in my car (not the Accord, that was retired and in therapy). And there was such an dizzyingly joyous scent wafting through the car, that I was afraid I’d be stopped for driving under intoxication.

And sadly, while I lost not a leaf or bloom packing the tree in the car, driving or unpacking it back at my house, I manage to break off the giant inflo right in the center of the tree, as I posed it for the camera to share the pics with you. On the positive, the flowers did make a nice plumeria ring:

And what's not to like about a Divine?

But this Saturday was the big big day - the day that I naively marked as my last day of plumeria shopping for the year. I could feel it approaching - the impending difficulty of decision making was drawing near. What would I pick? I knew my goal for next year was to get all the commercially available Moragnes, but what would be a good swan song this year?

This would all be decided at the Island Plumeria Sale last Saturday. The last day of purchases. I needed to plan.

At 9am, I was at Island. It was a graceful mob scene, with plumeria being grabbed in all directions - but gently. I knew I’d be getting a Lutica - Jandey had presented a very compelling case about its scent and shape - she made an undebatable argument. I had no choice but to take one home. I narrowed down the second - but that took three hours! Would it be Thornton Lilac, Kimo, Lillian Chin, Miami Rose, Vera Cruz Rose, Irma Bryant/Hilo Red, and Barbados Showgirl/Confetti? What a tough choice. What would Jandey choose - she makes good arguments and good plumeria choices! Ah, but I didn’t have time to get on the Plumeria Web. So I would have to decide by myself.

But I had to leave at twelve for an apointment, leaving my Lutica in the hold section. 

I would return in the late afternoon. But given this was my last plumeria shopping day (rule book wise - I could just pick up a plumeria on another day, but all orders had to be placed today), I had a busy schedule. I drove across the San Fernando Valley to pick up a beautiful 5-6' tall, wide, seriously blooming Kaneohe Sunburst I noticed when I picked up my Bali Hai.

Packed it in the car, headed across the valley back to Island. On the way over, I called the wonderful seller of the small yellow flowers and ordered a couple more. Hey, be nice, it's my last day, I have to be efficient!

Back at Island at 2, I walked around every aisle 7 or 8 times. Almost left with Kimo. Almost went home with Lillian. Should I buy a $148 cutting of Confetti on eBay or buy it’s identical twin Barbados Showgirl in a five gallon for $35? Vera Cruz Rose - what a scent. And what about Cookstown Sunset - almost forgot that one??? And Thornton Lilac - beautiful and different, had an outstretched branch, sticking out like a thumb, almost as if it was trying to hitch a ride home with me.

This was hard.

Untimately, the surprise is that I kept coming back to a Noid (I didn’t know what you all meant by “Noid” until this weekend - I kept wondering why this one variety came in so many color choices!!!).

This flower, which Matthew at Island called “Rainbow 36” had come to him as a cutting with no name. Yet it was one of the most fragrant plumerias I’d ever come across. And visually, it looked like a watercolor painting. Softly dissolving yellows and oranges and pinks and reds, and creamy whites, then - as if the artist took a fine brush and outlined the petals with a thin burgundy line to give it one surprising, completing element of sharpness. Rainbow 36 is an incredibly, fragrant beauty. This is the one I took home.

Here it is with the BrazilianTower Trees:

I don’t know if $50 ever bought so much joy before. I could be wrong, but I bet I’d be close.

Of course, since I was still on my last day for shopping, I emailed Matthew and asked if he'd hold the Vera Cruz and Miami Rose for me.

But wait - just tonight, I receive an email that the Island Plumeria Sale will be repeated this coming Saturday, Oct. 6! Damn the cursed rulebook, that fails to anticipate extraordinary unexpected opportunities like this! Well,if anyone goes to the sale Saturday, let me know, so that I can shop vicariously through you. Unless you see me first, picking up my Vera Cruz and Miami Roses.

Can’t wait till next year.

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I apologize for all the bad characters in the above post - it seems my apostrophes were replaced with unintended characters. I have to figure out why. Sorry!

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Woohoo! You got your Celadine! And it does smell amazing, doesn't it? You're on a roll with the plants. Save some for next spring!

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mksmth zone 6b Tulsa Oklahoma(6b)

holy smokes you got some great stuff! On one hand Im glad we dont have that ease of availability, for my wallets sake, but on the other Im extremely jealous.

My inca is holding on to a thread right now. I hope i can get it through the winter ok.


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That NOID is AMAZING!!! Fantastic choice! You have some lovely trees you got there, you're not messing around with the small ones hahahaha! Thanks so much for sharing, they're really beautiful.

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Great story and pics.
The Rainbow 36 is to die for!
Once again, you guys in Cali are so lucky. But, I'm like Mike and almost glad I can't just drive a few miles to have such a choice of plumies. I'd be broke or divorced! LOL

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Lonnie, it's even worse than you think. Most things at Island is under $70 (and many around $55), so the temptation is even greater! They're easier to dismiss when they're completely unaffordable. If you want a Buttered Popcorn and can't find one, let me know. I should be able to get you a cutting from mine.

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Mike, best of luck with the Inca! Hope it comes back big time.

Elucas101, thanks!

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Excellent choices! I am not a fan of white/yellow myself. I grew up with white flowers mean death/funerals and it's stuck with me. I do however, love those yellows!

I think we need bigger cars. It is amazing what will fit in the little miata but for the PSA sale in the spring I'm taking the four runner!

Tally HO!

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What Would Jandey Do?


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Bwhahahahahaaaa! Jandey would go full Rainman around all those big trees and then go get a bigger car. Def, def, definitely need a bigger car, yeah. Definitely.

That's why I left my sedan behind and took the little SUV to the sale. K will tell you how I stuffed that big Lemon Drop in the back, though I have to give it to Simi for plumeria size-to-car size ratio. That Buttered Popcorn he moved is even taller and probably wider. Then there was his trip to Target in the Accord--now that's determination!

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Are you saying that WWJD is not a good plumeria shopping approach?

Actually, it wasn't the table at Target that killed the Accord. Months later, I had to get a wide stainless steel barbecue and side cooker in the back seat of my Accord. I made it (took 2 hours), but the car was never the same. I broke his spirit, that Accord, I'd pushed too far. Lesson to the wise - there are reasons relating to space and the angle of door openings why a barbecue doesn't fit easily in a sedan - at least not in a non-destructive way!

So I realized with my next car I'd be doing some hauling. It worked out now that I'm with this group! And I will say this - the most fragrant hauling I've ever done has been in the last year.

I wonder what my best scented hauling was? Was it the combination of a blooming Jeannie Moragne and Kauka Wilder? How about the Buttered Popcorn with two pots of the plumeria with the small fragrant yellow flowers? Or the time with Bali Hai Gold wafting to the front seat, with Divine blending slightly in. But Rainbow 36 with Kaneohe was a heck of a great ride. Maybe I should start a post on this - what was your most fragrant taking a plumeria home car trip? There should be some interesting stories there from this group.

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I'm with Jandey for the spring PSA sale. I have a four door truck, but may need to rent a camper to cover the bed for my trip back to the DFW area from Houston.
SIMI - I'd love a cutting of the butter popcorn and possible the Rainbow 36 come spring. Here in TX things are about to slow down and plumies brought indoors for the winter.
Sixty plants one gallon to three gallon sizes in a back bedroom. It's worked in the past, but its getting crowded.

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Lonnie, let me know in the Spring whenever you're ready for a Buttered Popcorn cutting. I hope you'll enjoy it as much as I have, steering people in my yard to it an asking them what they smell! The Rainbow 36 is a lot less full (only 4 branches) so we may have to wait a little longer for a cutting from that one. Which is a shame, because it's such a wonderful flower.

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Thank you, Simi.
I'm sure I can find something to send you.

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Don't count them all! Duplicates, newly rooted, broken branches, holds for family/friends, safties/disaster recovery cuttings don't count.

Jandy wasn't kidding... she showed up at the psa sale with a shoe horn and a stick of butter to grease that TLD in her car.

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Biggest. Shoehorn. EVER. I was not going home without that bad boy! And can you believe it's still blooming? Slow and steady performer.

Simi, I wish I could say I was intoxicated by the smell of Lemon Drop for the three hour drive back from the sale, but it actually isn't very strong. Much sharper lemon scent than Celadine, too. Still, I pulled one flower off and admired it as I drove home, along with a fallen Heirloom blossom:

That's right: duplications don't count. Nor do seedlings or newly-rooted or newly-acquired plumeria that you aren't sure will survive that first winter. Or those you may pass on at a later date.

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Dave in NoVA • 7a • Northern VA

That Rainbow 36 is a real looker!

By the way, is that your back yard? You need to widen those beds along the fence and toss in more plumerias.

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Jandey, I understand the butter and shoe horn technique well, and you certainly sound like a master. Like Laura said, where there's a will there's a way, and this group has a lot of will!! Love the ET Lemon Drop, still trying to get one.

Dave, that's the part of my yard I call The West Lawn. It's between themed areas of my yard. On the West Lawn near the house, there are plumerias (Bali Hai, Cerise, California Sunrise, unknown yellow), plus passionfruit, banana and plantain. On the side you're commenting on are most of the fruit trees - lemon, persimmon, guava, peach, apricot, tangerine, a couple of avocados, loquat and almond. Mango, orange, lime and apple trees are all in the Farmhouse Garden section of the yard, with a bunch of herbs and some Japanese Maples.

On the north side of the West Lawn, which borders "the High Country" are pine and Norfolk Island Pine. I have a Jacaranda and an Australian Flame tree at the bottoml, side by side, as I saw a pic where these both bloom at the same time - the former with purple flowers and the latter with crimson red. The Jacaranda has been a faithful bloomer. The flame tree focused on growing this, its second year, in which it almost doubled in size. I expect nice blooming from both next year. The High Country has dogwood, redbud, laurel and a berry patch (blackberry, boysenberry, blueberry, lingonberry, huckleberry, raspberry and white currants).

The side of the West Lawn bordering the Swimmin' Hole has Cuban Royal, Teddy Bear and King palm trees along a fence covered in purple and yellow Trumpet Vines. Behind the fence in the Swimming Hole are several larger plumerias between the palms - Pop's, Loretta and Jeannie Moragne. Most of the plumeria are around the Swimmin' Hole, but "Na Pali (the Cliffs)" and "The Springs" all have plumeria, too.

Na Pali is a terraced hillside overlooking the pool. I'm thinking of removing a huge pine there (there are five others in the High Country), and put plumeria trees all up the terraced hill, between Kentia and Flamethrower and bamboo palms. Now that should be a site!

The Spings has beautiful Brazilian Tower trees, bamboo palms, and more plumeria.

And let's face it, my big Shed in the back would be much for useful as a greenhouse than a shed, so that conversion will happen next year!

So I really do still have room for more plumies, especially large ones, in case anyone is clearing some space and need to get rid on some.:)

This yard was practically barren (except for the tall pines and some fruit trees) when I moved here a couple of years ago. Not anymore. It's not as dramatic or as nice as it sounds, though, the plants are still not that large, there's a ton to do and I'm in the early stages of a multi-year plan, it's all a work in progress.

Sorry I got carried away! I love all these trees, and I left out a lot!

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Lonnie, looking forward to the spring and cutting time!

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