Umbrella Plant - How To Propregate

gwemisa(z5 WI)October 2, 2005

Ok, I just picked up an Umbrella Plant from someone, which is over about 5ft tall. But it's hanging being as it is so top heavy. Now I would like to cut this back and propregate the green stems, but would setting them in water do the trick?? I read somewhere about air layering, but not quite sure on how to do this.

And where I would be cutting it, would leave it about 3 feet tall and there are 2 green stems with leaves about mid point.

I just want to make this plant not look so top heavy. :)



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To propagate Umbrella Grass, Cyperus alternifolius cut most of the stem, reduce the length of the leaves, and place upside down into water. When roots have formed, pot them up.

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yearroundgardener(North Dakota)

When I purchased my Umbrella plant about a month ago, I was shown how to propagate with great results. Same as Terramadre explained accept to stick in moist potting soil and place in a baggie. As soon as I came home with the plant I had to try it out. I took 6 cuttings, potted up using potting soil in 3" pots, and placed in a tray half filled with water, placing in a shady area without the bag. Within two weeks new growth was shooting up the centers. Next I took four plastic 6 packs that annuals come in and put cuttings in all those using rooting hormone. One of the 6 packs I planted with cuttings that had yellowing leaves just to see what would happen. To my amazement they all have new growth on them as well. Be sure that the water temperature stays warm. Hopes this helps! Rounder

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I jus planted some of these ...they really rooted great ! same as said above...put mine in a bowl of water set on clothes dryer...Taa Daaa!
I put a LOT of things on the dryer.... great bottom heat sorce ! And KNOW you gonna use ya

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bigdogs(San Pedro, CA)

I think the original question was about Schefflera actinophylla, based on the way the plant was described. BTW the Cyperis version of "Umbrella Plant" propogates itself by seed in Southern California. Almost invasive.

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How big of a Schefflera can you propagate? I have a healthy tree in the wrong spot that we have decided to cut down. When I lived in the Keys we would dig a big hole, put a good sized straight branch in with just a ew leaves on the top, add some compost and keep well watered. Is this possible in SW Florida?

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I propagate my cyperus by knocking them out of the pot and dividing the root ball into pieces. then I pot up the pieces. Works great for me. And I don't think it's top heavy. That's the way they grow. You gotta stake them, i put two or three stakes in the pot and as the stem s come up, I attach them long distance with ties.

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skye_(Zone 10 - South Florida)

Okay, I need help -- My thumb is definately not green, but I have a cutting from a Schefflera that my neighbor gave me. It's about a foot high, has about 10 'branches' (for lack of a better term) coming from the main stem, and its leaves are green and yellow and kind of waxy. I would love to plant it and keep it alive, but I have no clue what kind of soil to use. Regular potting soil? Should anything else be added to it? Right now it's sitting in a jar of water which just covers the bottom part of it. Thanks for your help and suggestions!

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Ok I am trying to make my friend a plant from my umbrella from the above description you are telling me I cut the leaves too? and the leaves are what go in the water?

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