Transplanting shade perennials

lisacentOctober 2, 2013

I have a shade garden, composed of bleeding hearts, hostas, astilbe, snake root, huchera, etc., that will be impacted by an addition to our home. We expect construction to start in the late winter of 2014, maybe early March. I would like to move or preserve the plants in these bed for replanting somewhere else next spring, but I'm not sure what is the best way or time to do this.

I live in interior CT so it's starting to get cold now and won't be too warm when construction is expected to begin. Should I move the plants now, possibly temporarily to my raised vegetable bed, for permanent replanting in the spring (since I'd like to use some of plants around the new addition). Or should I pot them all and keep them in my basement, near a window, for the winter? Or should I leave them and try to retrieve them right before construction, even if it's super early spring? Or are there better options. Thanks for the help.

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I wouldn't put them indoors. They are all hardy plants and will be miserable in the warm and dark over the winter. You need to keep them dormant. I think your best bet is either a temporary home in the veg garden or potting and putting in a sheltered place outdoors, maybe with some leaves or mulch around them. I don't know your climate so can't comment on the early spring move option. Here you can move perennials any time the ground isn't frozen.

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Thanks florauk!

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