Peppa donts .....LOL

ArmageddonAugust 25, 2012

this is my first year trying them out .... thanks to a great fella here on the garden web . I am very glad i put most of these guys in my test gardens with other mixed veggies also have a few in pots that will be overwintered but they Grow Fast & very large they was planted around the same time as some of my other plants and seem to be over towering them by 3ft & shading them out making the others not grow as well but i decided not to cut them back as i am very anxious to test these peppers with some rubs salsas & even pickled will have some of these seeds to share in the next couple weeks.

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Armageddon, agreed, it's definitely a vigorous grower and it puts out a load of pods.

I'm not sure how you'll find it in rubs and salsas etc. I think its popularity pretty much hinges on pickling the peppers in a sweet brine.

Folks generally fall into two camps with pickled peppadew; those who love them and those who don't understand why people love them ;-) Personally I fall into the ? group.

I'm not sure if you got the seeds from me. I do have a copy cat brine recipe (the original is a proprietary closely guarded secret). If you'd like it send me an email.


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I was amazed at how long these guys took to ripen! I had already harvested several super hots before I had my first red Peppadew. I was also surprised at the heat level. I was expecting little to no heat, and got close to what I get from my jalapenos. I have 3 plants, and my tallest is close to 5 and 1/2 feet.


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Wow Tim, Jalapeno heat? Strange, I found the half dozen pods I tasted raw had no heat.

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peppernovice's a pic. What do you think would cause the extreme difference in heat? I do have one plant in a small pot and it dries out quickly. That stress could account for a small variance, but I wouldn't think that much.


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They look like Peppadews should. As for the heat, I was expecting them to have some from what I've read. I guess I just sampled the weak pods or I've eaten too many hots ;-)

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lorabell NC(8)

My Peppa also are very mild, just a snippit of heat toward the stem. Also are taking forever to ripen, but I love the taste of them, the plants are humungus, and are a definite for next year. I'll be attempting to overwinter them as well. Thanks for a great pepper.

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austinnhanasmom(5 CO)

I have overwintered a plant for a few years - it tolerates total neglect in my basement.

It's also tolerated total neglect on my deck.

I need to transplant to new soil.

Mine are quite hot - perhaps from the lack of water.

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