how to propagate Cryptomeria japonica 'Elegans'

rolf_jacobsOctober 3, 2006

I currently live in Santa Clara, CA, but am moving to a town outside of Tyler, Texas. My neighbor has an absolutely stunning Plume Cedar (Crytomeria japonica 'Elegans') and I want to grow some more of these from cuttings. I actually grew this tree from a cutting many years ago but I cannot remember exactly what I did.

My questions are:

1. Is this a good time to make cuttings?

2. I think I used a mixture of about 90% perlite and 10% peat moss. Is this OK or can anyone recommend a better medium?

3. Do you think this tree will grow in East Texas? The area is covered with large pine trees and growers raise lots of roses in the area.

BTW: If you want the "perfect" lawn tree, this is it. Absolutely fantastic shape and it changes color between the winter and summer. Soft foliage you cannot resist running your hands through. No surface roots and it doesn't drop anything.

Thanks for your help.


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adustyboot might still be able to to take a few mature tip cuttings...typically taken late summer or autumn...they are generally slow to root...i believe your planting medium will work fine and i believe they should be okay in eastern texas...they are hardy zones 6-9...good luck

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I used sand and perlite and the cuttings were dipped in probably #2 hormone, they got bottom heat and mist.
They rooted by the end of the quarter.
This was in a greenhouse propagation class,if I recall correctly it was winter quarter, Jan -March.

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