corn plant propogation

stu_rossOctober 6, 2007

I have a corn plant (Dracaena fragans) that is RIGHT UP AGAINST the ceiling, I mean RIGHT UP AGAINST IT. lol

My question is, can I cut the top off and start a new plant? The bottom is pretty ragged, but I hate to get rid of it w/o starting a new one, sentimental value etc.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.

Stu in upstate NY.

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georgez5il(z5 IL)

Yes cut off to leave 3-6 inches of the stem below the "head. allow to air dry (12 hours) apply 0.1% IBA (rooting hormone) stick in well drained soil. Keep soil moist not wet & out of direct sunlight & draft.
By the way take the remainder of stem cut into 12 inch sections. Lay on side cover about 1/2 of stem with moist soil. After 3-6 months will see small new plants along stem..... these can be seporated, into individual plants.

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thx george.

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