prayerrock(zone 5)October 25, 2009

I had a trade with Justin and it went very well till he decided he didnt like what I sent him. We agreed that I would send him my small year old adenium seedling. for his christmas cactus...I actually got a thanksgiving cactus not a christmas cactus.

Anyways, if you research the growth of adenium seedlings you see that they grow extremely slow... a lot of people wont grow them from seed because of this. It takes a lot of time and patience to grow them from seed...a year old adenium is maybe 2-3 inches tall with about 6-8 leaves from what I understand.

This is what I sent him..a very nice health adenium seedling that was 1 year and 4 months old. I got the seedling from a freind about 3 months ago and was told it was a year old in June.

However when Justin saw how small it was he became very nasty with me, even though I told him tobegin with that it was small. He asked me to send him his cactus back and I told him no that the trade was made as we agreed on.

He sent me a couple more nasty emails threatening me and I had to block him. he then came here and posted a bad review for me with a bunch of lies.

I am sorry to say I could never recomend trading with him. If you want to know about my trade history you can do a search on my name and pull up the thread with my 10 reviews on it. I dont trade here a lot but the ones I have sone have been very good and successful trades for both parties.

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First off, I dont know where you researched your information on adeniums, but they are not 2-3 inches tall after a year. Most of the seeds I have started are larger than the specimen you sent me after 2 months. Some adenium will flower in 6-8 months if you grow them under correct conditions.

Second, I am not alone in my complaints with your trade. There is another poster on here who had the exact same problem with you.

I sent you a healthy plant that was securely packaged in which you received 3 days after we agreed to the trade. I did more than enough to hold my end of the deal.

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