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plotkesApril 22, 2006


my front garden is a mudbath mixed with lots of weeds. I would now like to lay new grass and dont know how to go about it to ensure that the weeds do not grow through the new grass. Please can you help ?



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Depending on how large the area is, you could lay clear plastic over the area and let the sun kill the existing weeds. Then lightly till the area to encourage any dormant weed seeds to sprout and after they do, lay the plastic down a second time. If you repeat this process two or three times you should be able to lay any type of sod on top of your soil and not have to worry about weeds growing up through it.

That's the organic method. The unorganic way is to spray with roundup to kill the weeds, scratch up the soil to raise any dormant seeds and spray again. then lay your sod. A lot of people prefer the quick way to the organic method.

Pros for the organic method, no chemicals.
Cons: it takes longer.

Pros for the chemical method, it's faster
Cons: You still have to wait about two weeks for the chemical to disappear into the soil and it may last long enough to damage your sod. Guys who lay the sod will tell you that it disapears faster than that.

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So how did your front garden turn out? I would love to see some pictures, or if not, just like to get a progress report. Cheryl

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