renovate or decimate my garden

ricard0April 21, 2014

i am just awakened from a Lipitor coma and am energized to get my garden back which has seen a few years of abuse because of my lethargy.
peonies ancient and hybrids over run by mint and squill and violets. german iris,what's left, also fighting to survive. astilbe fighting for light through the squill. a few shrubs thrive, hydrangia and althea. but the invasives are the problem. shall i dig out the plants i treasure and napalm the rest? i have birds that love to live and raise their young here all over, i am very conservative with herbicides.
Any advise?

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I would use the enthusiasm to go in and pull unwanted plants but leave the area as intact as possible. You still like those plants and they seem to have liked the area also.

Your mint will keep growing even if you pull it though, so you can make peace with it in that area or you will really have to move everything if you can't stand the mint growing without your desire.

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