Red Apple Ice Plant

sharonlf(z10 AZ)November 1, 2005

Someone is giving me some cuttings of Red Apple Ice plant. They are not rooted cuttings. What is the best way for me to root these?

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jeffrey_harris(San Diego, CA)

Aptenia cordifolia is best rooted in a small amount (commensurate with the size of the cutting) of porous soil.

Since it doesn't have roots, don't water the soil, but mist the plant several times a week. Bright light, a warm exposure and no wet, cold conditions would probably ensure rooting success.

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sharonlf(z10 AZ)


Thanks for the info. Should I not even water the soil before inserting the cuttings?

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jeffrey_harris(San Diego, CA)

Dear Sharon,

As long as the end is callused over, that's not usually a problem, but I wouldn't water the soil (even before you plant it) until new growth is evident. If you mist often enough, even every day, that will be enough to get them rooted. Remember, you don't need a lot of soil to root them - less is, as we say here, more better.

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There is also a yellow and purple variety. I just stick mine in the moist soil & they grow. They are very easy to propagate.

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