Stone Pine Cutting

huddsterNovember 14, 2008

I had a lovely Stone Pine sapling that was about 2 years old until some workmen dropped a load of rubble onto the pot and killed it, so on a recent trip to Kew Gardens I took a cutting off of one of the Stone Pines there and have placed it in a glass of water, I can't see any roots at all, does anyone know if you can successfully grow a Stone Pine from a cutting?

Many thanks


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There are several stone pines, but I don't know of one that has been propagated from a cutting. Your's may be the first,there is always hope. Al

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Usually conifer cultivars are side grafted onto rootstock of the same species. As an example our stone pine has viable seed(future weeds)so I would use some of my tree band (two year old) seedlings as the rootsock for a particular cultivar. I dont remember the best time of year to graft conifers though.
Good luck though with rooting the cutting. Nov is a good time for rooting conifers if they are capable of rooting.

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