To Re-Cut Or Not to Re-Cut? Please Tell Me!

elucas101(8)September 22, 2012

Hi everyone! I'm really excited because I got my fabulous Goldilocks cutting yesterday! YAY! Now, since there's no time to waste with getting this cutting started here's my dillema: the end of the cutting is cut at a sharp angle. However, it has a gorgeous callous on it, just perfect. Because of George's examples of cuttings only rooting well on the one side of an angled cut I'm afraid I'll sacrifice healthy root structure if I don't re-cut it, but if I do it will take 2 more weeks off the rooting time and I will be trying to get a perfect callous on it myself for the first time. What would you do?

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Andrew Scott

What would I do?? Ignore what he said and just root it!! Why would you cut a healthy cutting that has all ready calloused over? I bet the majority of the follow ups here will say the same thing. George may be right when it comes to cutting a branch and then letting it callous but considering what time of year it is now, I would not mess with it. Just pot it up and good luck!


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Thanks so much Andrew! I think I'll take your advice and just do it, time is of the essence here - and I never thought I would say a callous was gorgeous! LOL!

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I received a JL cutting from Matt on the 17th an it was a angled cut and well calloused too. I went ahead and planted it. Also I don't know if people knows this or not but some of JJ's rooted cuttings are cut at an angle too. How do I know? When I tried to re-cut my divine after I noticed it rotted, it had an angler cut to it an it rooted from all sides of it, not just one.

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On the Facebook Plumeria Addicts group page, someone has posted a pic of an angle cut and the roots were coming from the top of the cut, not the bottom. So my guess is that at some point, roots would eventually grow from all around the cut end.

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Kim, that is really interesting about the rooted angle cut plant having roots all around the bottom! Maybe it just takes a while for them to fill in like you say DelWH.

I knew you all would help me, I feel good about potting it up and now it will have that precious extra 2 weeks to start rooting.

Kim what cutting did you get?

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I've seen quite a few photos with roots growing all the way around, not just at the angled tip. If it were me I definitely would not re-cut it. Your cutting is very nicely calloused! I've been wishy washy over Goldilocks. I'll be more decisive come spring. :)

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elucas, I got a Jim Little Hawaiian Titanic. Normally I wouldn't spend that much on a cutting but I jumped on the "last chance to buy Jim Little cuttings" bandwagon. Plus I was looking for one that had a 4+ inch bloom (this one says 5 inch) -- all mine is 3 1/2 or smaller. Plus I'm a sucker for rainbows and plus I liked the name -- Titanic (I love history & historical things hehe). ;)

This one is the first I've ever received that looks like it came from an extremely mature older tree because the cutting has that "old grey colored tree bark look" to it. It was nice, robust, and plump.

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Kim319, the reason for the mature look is that Matt has cut all his trees down to just very small size, so he is basically harvesting the whole farm. I got a 25" 2 tip Dazzler from him awhile back and it was also grey bark. He's been offering great daily deals on his Facebook page, and they pretty much sell out within an hour or so of posting, first come first served.

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Del - I'm confused. (imagine that!) Did Matt not decide to train someone to take over the business? Why is he cutting his trees back so drastically?

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He said he was training someone to take over his operation. I think he cut them back when he was planning on just getting out of the business altogether. They of course will grow back. He originally talked about just taking them completely out, but I guess he had a change of heart. He wants to basically sell big lots of what he has left to get rid of them, like lots of 10 or more at a time, for instance.

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Geez, that is a dilemma, E. I have repotted a few cuttings this season and I'll be darned if all the angled ones aren't developing roots just at the tip like George illustrated.

However, it is getting late and that was a pricey cutting so just root as is and when the tree is bigger you can always start a new straight cut as a backup plant. Or sell it to me if your other backup pulls through!

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I know several people who angle cut and several who straight cut, they all have about the same success rate and unless you dug them up you would never know.

Root on!
Tally HO!

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I agree...In this situation start rooting now.

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Moonie, thanks for the input- that's interesting some have seen the roots all around and some are only seeing them on the tip of an angle cut. Maybe we can all try and take notice when repotting in the spring - I'd not previously been paying a lot of attention to it.

Kim - a Titanic, NICE! I agree, normally I wouldn't spend that much on a cutting either but some of the varieties are nearly impossible to get except through him, and with the future of 1-stop uncertain (and trees needing to grow back! LOL!) I decided to move on it. Mine is a beefy, grey wood cutting too, very nice feel to it.

Del, Dazzler is also a really nice one! If I could afford it there are many more I would like to get! Haha! Yeah, those FB deals do go fast, he must be SO busy right now!

Jen, I know, it really was a big rut-roh... but I decided you guys are right, it needs to be potted now. Waiting would probably do me more harm than good and with that great callous I feel it's more protected than what I could do with it. I'm very anxious to try George's callousing method in the spring because mine have been disasters, never good like this one. She's potted up, I gave her a good pep talk, and now she's in my *lucky* rooting spot that brought Gina and Moragne #78 out of their stalling when nothing else did. And you'll be first to know if I'm so lucky as to be overfloweth-with-Goldilocks LOL!!!

I couldn't remember if my other cuttings from him were angle cut or not and honestly I never paid attention to the callous as much either but I will certainly look back at my pictures and see if I took any before planting, and I'll look when I re-pot.

Thanks Tally, good to know, we're rooting on! (The weather is perfection here today too!)

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