Lavender Splash

Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, VirginiaSeptember 11, 2013

Just opened...

I guess I can see why it is called " splash". Love the streaking in the petals...

Have a wonderful day!!


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maark23 TX/8a

Love it!!! You have so many great plants Laura! The list just keeps getting longer! Lol!


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Pretty! Pretty! Another stunner from the Amazing Laura :)

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Have never seen the streaking like that. Beautiful and thanks for sharing!

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Quite a beautiful collection you have- very beautiful bloom!! How long have you had this one for Laura? ;-)


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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

Hi everyone!!!

After many years of waiting patiently, my trees are finally giving me the reward for the " years of hope.."

It hasn't been easy and I will tell you without the help of many people here as well as my friends and mentors.. I wouldn't be where I am today.

This has been the best year for me ( as far as blooms and making friends..) and I am so happy and grateful...

Thank you to my friends.. Some don't like to be named, but I know " you" know that I truly Thank you for the start in my collection and the many questions answered by you...

Words cannot express the gratitude that I have, so I always try and " pay it forward". It's the only way to give my thanks to you and share the joy of what you have done for me. mahalo!!! Chocolate bread pudding is another addiction too!!! ;-)

JJ orange is opening for me today and I tried to take a picture. It just doesn't do it justice and I can't seem to capture the true color.. It's so frustrating.

I do have Orange Jack which is said to be the same as JJ Orange. My Orange Jack was broken in half during shipping so I am trying to root the top four tipped topper. ( keeping my fingers crossed). The bottom half is about six inches and did have roots. It is finally putting out side stems and it will be a mini Orange Jack!! Hopefully the four tipped top will root...

JL Starfish is pushing an inflo, so I am hoping with the cooler temps that we are having, it will continue to grow.

Mary Moragne has two Inflos that will open in a few weeks.

Moragne 23 is also pushing an inflo.. JEN!!! WHOO HOOO!! ;-)

Wizard also has a few Inflos too!!!

Just wanted to let you all know about the progress here in Virginia Beach.

Hi Mark!!! The list is long and I don't count anymore.. Lol. DH would have a cow. He tried once last year to count as he watered for me while I was gone. He said. " I watered this many.. ". I just chuckled and thought he really missed the count!! Thank goodness!! Lol. Thank you ..

Hi sweet Nicole... You are such a doll!!! Hope to have some blooms on some of the trees that we share. I can't wait to see CC open as well as Giant Aussie Orange.. That will be very exciting!!! Thanks to you!! " enabler.." But a wonderful one... I remember talking to Brad from BBB about that one. You had me on the cell during my time at work and right after a flight. My crew thought I was talking a strange language about those trees.. LMAO!!! When you said get it, I did... ;-)

Hi Texas.. Diana's compilation. Says it is close to Princess Victoria which is known for the streaking in the blooms. This doesn't seem to have the fragrance as Princess Victoria but it is pretty to the eye. I like the streaking.. I hope the next set of blooms that open will have more . Thank you!!!

Hi Chuy!!

I bought this one two years ago form a very nice lady in California. It has done well, but this is the first time it has bloomed. So again, I have waited and now I am being rewarded. These trees do teach me patience, and I can tell you that it really pleases me to see all the hard work finally pay off!!!

It has been a wonderful season.

The only sad note to add... Is that I have seen Just over night the yellowing of the bottom leaves. It is like they all had the light turned off in their little plant systems. Mother Nature is amazing. They sense these cool nights and are starting to prepare for fall. But, I can say .. It has been a fun season!!!

Take care everyone!!!


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maark23 TX/8a

That story is too funny! I had tears of laughter reading that! Lol! Can't wait to see those new blooms.


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Woohoo! Can't wait to see Moragne 23 pics! And Orange Jack! And Mary Moragne! And Wizard! What a great year you're having, and you deserve it!

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thank you for sharing these pics, I can't tell you how much I look forward to your postings and to share the excitement of a new bloom! Your joyous enthusiasm comes through beautifully - and spreads to all of us! Your Lavender Splash is beautiful. Can't wait for your Mary Moragne - one of the most beautiful plumeria trees I have seen was this Mary Moragne in Ventura. I couldn't stop staring.

Now to sit under that big Mary Moragne tree and eat bread pudding... :) Days of heaven, those would be.

"Years of Hope" - and I was whining about just a "season"! We have it easy in California, it's amazing what you have to do back east - and the amazing blooms you accomplish. You know you're an inspiration to so many, Laura, keep up the incredible pics!

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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

Hi Mark...

Just the other day my DH and I were swimming with Savannah in the pool. We were throwing the ball for her to keep jumping into the pool and then she would bring it back.. I mentioned something about her being " crazy " for this ball and my DH said.. " yea, its kind of like you and Plumeria.." I did have to laugh at that one.. But, I just chuckled under my breath.. I can't let on that I have a problem.. ;-). It was funny!!! I'll post pics when they open. Thank you!!!

Hi Jen!! I am stoked about Moragne 23 having another inflo this year. Last year when it bloomed, it didn't branch off . It stayed a single stem. Hopefully this time it will spilt I to two or three. I'll keep you posted!!! Thank you. If it wasn't for you, I wouldn't have this beauty... You know how grateful I am for all of the help... MAHALO!!! I will post as soon as they open. JJ orange is beautiful, but the iPad didn't pick up the true color, but my other camera did. I'm out on a trip, so when I get home I will post it for you!!!

I hope you and your family are doing well.. Tell K we miss him... I was wondering about his cutting? I hope it rooted for him..

Hi Simi!!!

What a nice response to make. I truly appreciate this so much!!!

It is hard to try and keep up with our friends In Cali, Florida and Texas.. Lol, but it does take us time here on the East coast.. We do try our best and then we finally see our " just rewards..." Lol. Even wishing for bread pudding!!! Lol!!!

I can't wait for Mary to open as well.. She looks like I will have blooms in a week or so.. Hopefully this cooler weather won't hurt the coloration in the blooms.. We shall see!!

Again, Thank you for the nice comments, Simi!!! To kind...

Heaven? Ahhhh.. Sitting under the big Palm and Plumeria trees with all of our favorite blooms and eating our favorite desserts.. Lol.

Thanks again,


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surfbreeze(9 TX)

Wow! that is beautiful. Love that streak!

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Wow, Laura, I didn't know Moragne 23 bloomed for you last year, too! That's pretty wonderful to get blooms two years in a row.

I remember well the day I got her, plus several friends for the two of us:

Good times... :)

I'm finding a lot of my first bloomers are not branching, like Maverick and CA Sally. TLD didn't branch but it's blooming on such tiny branches that's there's really not much room for new branches. Or maybe because their pots were too small last year?

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