Penang Peach in September

Dave in NoVA • 7a • Northern VASeptember 8, 2012

My Penang Peach is still going strong. A new inflo just started up:

This plant had six inflos this summer. The plant has about 12 growing tips, so 50% bloom on the tips is quite good for a plumeria this far north and in a pot. I will likely have to do some root pruning next Spring.

Have I mentioned this is one of my favorite plumerias? LOL!

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I bet that cluster of blooms smells like HEAVEN! Just gorgeous! I can't wait for mine to bloom again.

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Dave in NoVA • 7a • Northern VA

Yes, it does smell nice. The more blooms there are, the further away you can sniff from. LOL! I'd liken the fragrance to a combination of ripe peaches and baby powder.

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Dave that's just gorgeous!!! You really captured the peachy-yellow perfectly. I can easily see why this would be a favorite, mine is young and hasn't bloomed but from yours and everyone elses pictures of it but I think it's already a favorite of mine too!

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labland(Inland Valley CA9)


Lovely pix! I bought mine as a cutting last year. Contrary to instructions, I let it bloom. It had not bloomed yet this year, which was no surprise, since it had branched off from last year's blossom. Lucky me! I just this week noticed a new inflo growing strong on one of the two branches of my Penang Peach! I also noticed two new inflos on my Lipstick that I bought last year, as well. I am guessing that the terrible heat we have had here this summerstimulated the plants to produce inflos? I do have some sunburned leaves on some leaves of a few plants.

Two of my Singapore Whites just developed inflos and opened up in the last week, along with a noid "yellow". Although many of my early bloomers have been tapering off.

My Guillott's Sunset, of which I have 3 (one was a no id until it bloomed this year, simply labeled "pink" ( boy did I luck out!). Very interesting, the blossoms on the one cutting are much smaller than the other cutting. I got them both from Bill (tdogdad) so I know they are correct. I wonder if the big cutting's blossoms are smaller because there were 11 inflos in the one tree? The leaves are different as well. The smaller blossomed one (the taller tree) has "rippled " edges on the leaves, and they grow outward, lengthwise, and then open in the middle when fully grown in length (if that makes sense. Whereas the other one seems to grow open from the beginning, and no rippled edges. You can see from the one picture with my old wrinkled hand in it!

The only difference of these two was that the smaller one, which was a much thicker trunk cutting, had already been rooted when Billgave it to me. The taller one, with the smaller blossoms and ripple leaves was a tall cutting, that had ot been put up for rooting yet at the time he gave them to me (again, mahalo Bill!!!!)

Notice, they are in the same pot! So everything about them is the same - water, fertilizer, etc.

I need to repot, but am going to wait until they are dormant, it willbemuch easier on my bad back The twll one grew so fast this year!

My new "yellow" noid with Singapore in the background

Guillott's Sunset two different plants, and blossom size/leaf shape

Jennifer aka labland

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Gorgeous, Dave. Even the leaves look perfect, don't they?

Love those Guillot's Sunset, Labland! Maybe Bill could give you some insight into what's going on with the difference.

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Wow Dave, Nice. I wish we could share in the smell.
Jennifer, I have a GS and hope mine looks that good someday.
Don't tell me your labs play with those blue balls? Peg

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Its my favorite too. Mine is setting up a second round of Inflos. This is the first time I have noticed it to push second inflos on bloomed branches. Hopefully as it matures it will do this more often.

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musaboru(Inland Calif.)

What a lovely shot Dave! I ended up with two Penang Pech this month. I found one at a local nursery and didnt want to buy it then because I know I have too many plants already. I eventually broke down and went back to buy it; I just couldn't get enough of that scent. I also ended up bidding on another one from Matt on ebay. XD

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Dave in NoVA • 7a • Northern VA

Jennifer, I love GS. Don't know why yours are giving you different results, but just enjoy! One of mine is sending up a late inflo right now. Not sure there will be time for it to bloom. Maybe in the garage! LOL!

kms2: 'Penang' may not be the sexiest flower around, but there are so many reasons to love this variety.

moonie: this one is growing in part shade, perhaps that's why the leaves are so perfect.

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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia



Love your Penang peach!! Mine bloomed this winter under the T-5v lights with little color, yours look wonderful!

I know you are so happy with them. They look wonderful!! Guillots Sunset too! Have an inflo on mine again, so im keeping my fingers crossed that i will see flowers soon. I have a few of them as well. Just can't have one of these beauties!! LOL.. OK, i have two Penang Peaches too! Shhhh...

Beautiful pics everyone..


Dave, i will get back to you about that info.. Ive had my hands full.. LOL But, i will get back to you soon!!

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Dave and Jen,

Great photos, both! Thanks for sharing.

OK, Dave's flowers look exactly like my Cali Sunset...I'm suspecting that CS and PP are one and the same...which would mean that I have two of the same tree on my ridiculously crowded terrace...hmmm....


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Just fabulous!

I must add this to my collection.
Tally HO!

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Dave, that is a picture perfect inflo! Anything with a shape that great, inflo that full, and color and fragarnce that lovely is pretty darned sexy, IMO.

(Greg, I'm 99% sure that Cali Sunset is a PP seedling and it is very hard to tell them apart.)

And the foliage! When I saw the big PP in Kms2's yard the leaves were the first thing I noticed, they are so distinctive.

Mine hasn't bloomed again--I only got it last spring--but I'm hoping it will next spring.

Jen, it could just be that the smaller flowers and odd leaves are a result of a smaller root system. It should catch up next spring. Definitely a nice variety to have multiples of, from what I've read. I also received a GS from Bill (thx, B!) though mine had to fit into a suitcase! No giant antlers for me! poke, poke, LAURA, hehe

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musaboru(Inland Calif.)

Ditto on what Jandey said; I read a lot of JJ hybrids are Penang Peach seedlings hence why so many are so compact like their mother.

Here's the Penang Peach I was talking about. It was labeled as 'Orange Shade' but I'm 100% sure it's Penang Peach because of the 'hook' at the end of each leaf. And the flowers on it looked exactly like in Dave's pic. It was growing in the shade house at the nursery but I have it in full sun now and it seems to be more colorful from what I can see so far. That was a extreme change so some of the leaves have burn spots. Anyways, I couldn't wait for a new flower to open and pried open the petals and I can already smell that tantalizing peach scent.

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