Madame Poni gettin' all 'Princess Victoria' on me...:)

SFLGPlumeSeptember 10, 2012

Hi everyone,

My Madame Poni is stealing Princess V's thunder LOL have a look...

I don't really understand the "color break" virus that folks sometimes bring up on here...but pro'ly a half dozen of my trees have exhibited this from time to time, on a flower or two. I thought this one looked remarkably like Bill's beautiful shots of Princess Victoria.

Anyway, my JL Hawaiian Coral inflo is starting to bloom, and I can barely contain my excitement LOL to that point, even though I promised myself that I wouldn't post a photo until the inflo was truly glorious, I can't help myself. Take a look at this...all I can say is OMG:

And it smells like HEAVEN. Absolutely stunning.

Nicole, I can't decide if I think that JJ Mini White looks sexy or angelic... Maybe both...but they are perfect little marshmallow parasols:

And they have brilliant coloration on the underside:

Donna S is blooming so generously and beautifully!

Great cultivar if you're looking to add late bloomers to your collection, IMO. There's another inflo on it so I'm sure it'll keep me in blooms thru Thanksgiving.

Have a good week, everyone!


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dpolson37(7a VA)


Wonderful images! Love the color break. One of mine did that this summer too. Just when you thought growing plumerias couldn't get anymore fun.

Big Wave Dave

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No-Clue(So Cal Zone 9)

Greg beautiful photos as always. Madam Poni is stunning! WOW!!

And what do you mean Hawaiian Coral smells like "Heaven"? I need to know more. LOL. Sweet, perfumy or or spicey. Strong, medium or light? :) Thanks!

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Dave in NoVA • 7a • Northern VA

Wow! Looks like the Madame just got shot with a bullet. LOL!

I have seen some red streaks on my flowers when weather gets really hot. Don't know whether this is caused by stress or virus.

You do seem to gravitate toward the expensive cultivars don't you? I saw Matt is selling JL Hawaiian Coral (a cutting mind you!) for $80 Buy-It-Now.

The MiniWhite has that very fine pink edge on the petals which is very nice. Me likey!

Donna S is stunning though. Where do you obtain most of your plants? Locally? or online? through trades?

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Awesome as always! They are all stunning.
Tally HO!

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Greg-I can't believe you "suggested" adding another to any of us!! Bad, bad, bad! LOL I love all the pic's! I'm beginning to think I need to just read the posts then close my eyes when I know I'm getting close the pictures... LOL Naw, what fun would that be?!

The break in the lovely MP is amazing! How cool is that?! I managed to pic up a large cutting of J-105 with a color break, although in the photos it looks more like polka dots instead of splash(so excited).

I think the JJMW has "angelic sexiness with a nice backside" LOL couldn't resist :)

And lastly since I'm on a NO MORE rule for the rest of the season, I will not be adding Donna S. Then again there is always next season:)

Thank you for sharing:)


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just got homefrom work, can hardly walk/sit/type but got to say about 1 stop cuttings.... i'm a little bit annoyed with his prices right now. Some of his cuttings i paid half for just a month or so ago, same varieities. and this comes after announcing he would no longer be selling jl's? i don't know.. it annoyed me. sorry

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Wow Greg, you just keep them coming don't you ! Who needs to wait for a full inflo when you are as beautiful as HC. I hope you didn't hurt yourself too bad bleeding all over your MP. I love Nicole's "angelic sexiness with a nice backside". Even the bud is gorgeous. And then there's DS acting like a show girl. Keep them coming. Peg

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Dave in NoVA • 7a • Northern VA

Regarding his pricing, I wonder if JL farms actually sets the price. JL doesn't want these varieties to go cheap to foreign countries only to have them 'repackage' them as different varieties and undercut his business? Just pure speculation on my part. I don't know if there's even a way to enforce patented or registered varieties worldwide.

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Matt on his Facebook page said something about JL perhaps withholding some of his plants or even stop selling some altogether to keep the prices up. Perhaps similar to what DeBeers does with diamonds, where they only release so many a year to keep diamond prices up. Supply and Demand.

Also, when you think about it, when JL sells a cutting, the person that buys it can, in a few years, start selling cuttings from that plant. Pretty soon, whatever cultivar that is, would soon be available from many different sources, not just from JL Farms. I doubt if there is any kind of a patent situation for plumies.

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Dave- I know that the price is set by JL. When I was looking to get Metallica, I asked Matt if I could pay more for a branched cutting. His answer was that he could ask but Jim did the cutting and set the prices.

I can also understand both sides with the pricing issue. I know if I spent years in the development of a cultivar, I would expect that customers would pay. Especially if you look at just the simple annual cost of watering. On the flip side to that, let's face it JL's cultivars are gorgeous and we know we love 'em. Sometimes they are just out of reach.

I know that I picked up JL Golden Pagoda for $49.99 at auction(no bidders). The buy it now auction was $89.99 and that is what it's listed for now. Matt has a lot of buy it now auctions and those have always been much higher.

But hey, we are all plumie addicts here and it's hard to resist those really special ones. Laura and I had many discussions via email about the cost of Metallica and we both thought we were pretty much crazy. Then again all I have to do is look at Laura's flower pic's and I have to say, "Dang, it was worth it.". LOL

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Well, I can't help it! When prices go up... doesn't matter what the product it is... it puts me in a bad mood. LOL

And now that I've got some life back in me, Greg, I'm just loving the way Madame Poni is misbehavin'! That is oddly beautiful! And the way you describe JJMW is so sweet. I like that... marshmallow parasols, yes! But "angelic sexiness with a nice backside" is so much more fun! :)

I'm not even going to comment on the Hawaiian Coral. It's the one I had my eye on. But my eyes started crossing when I saw the price! LOL

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If I recall the Facebook post correctly, Matt said that Jim sold him some cutting years ago for $400, but told him he could make all that back and more selling cuttings from it. So if you are a commercial grower, that's how it goes. It's much like if you have a champion rodeo bucking bull or thoroughbred racehorse, you can make a lot of money selling the offspring from them.

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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia


What are you doing? HUH? Making all of us go cross eyed at your pics?

OK.. I love MP and i also love HC. But, i also said that i was done.. MMhmmm, i mean it.. REALLY.. MMMhmmm...

Besides, it is not a good time for me to root, so that's my story... LOL.. I still have a few rooting that have taken a little longer that i thought. Bonnie Fox is one, but she is showing signs that she is starting.

I did bite the bullet on a Don Ho cutting and im hoping that i will have success with this one.. Im keeping my fingers crossed.

I love the discriptions that i see.. "angelic sexiness with a nice backside" OK... I have to post this pic.. LOL.. i think of this backside when i think of things like this.. LOLOLOL...

Now you all are going to make me go and look at MAtt's ebay ... Arggg.

I promised myself that i am not going to get one more thing... until next year..

Right Nicole? LOL.. we did help each other out, we needed "Metallica" therapy and i will say that you did help alot as well as James.. Thank you both!!!

Great pics Greg... I hope you are smiling by making me squrim looking at Hawaiian COral... E> MAN!!! : )
Madame Poni as well.. great pics as always.. Darn you!!

Take crae,


Oh.. i almost forgot.., "the backside.."

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Dave in NoVA • 7a • Northern VA

Hey, I'm all for JL and Matt selling them for as much as they can. With new cultivars, you really have to make your money 'up front', because it's a world market now. Less scrupulous growers in other (tropical) countries will buy up, propagate and take advantage with lower labor and energy costs, etc.

Let's not dismiss Florida Colors. They are marketing some of their own beauties too.

I just think all the growers could do a better job describing their plants online - growth characteristics, ease of pot culture, ease of bloom, flower size, fragrance, etc., etc.

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Hey all,

Thanks for the kind words. Big Wave Dave: color breaks are indeed always fun and surprising. This one was particularly striking and, yes Peg, it does look like a murder scene LOL. Not guilty! Not guilty!

NoVa Dave: my plants have come from Matt and Fuzzy on eBay, from FL Colors, from MPG, and lastly, all of my JJ varieties I have bought at various Lowe's in my area. As for price, I've never paid more than $50 for anything...some of the JL "fancy" cultivars start at that price at auction, and if I'm the only bidder, then I buy it, but if the price goes up, I let it pass. I do admit that I was extremely curious to know, before I owned any, why they were priced so high. Now that they're blooming, I understand. :)

I don't have kids, so, I don't have to think about that before I pay for an expensive tree.

Lynn, HI'an Coral has a strong, sweet, heavy scent. Absolutely dreamy...just tellin' it like it is, don't call me an Enabler LOL (OK go ahead...I like that)

Laura, same to you!! Hahaha And you too, Nicole :) I want you all to notice, when I post the next pic of HC, that veining on the's yellow!!!!...yep, that's right...LOLOL Nicole, can't wait to see photos someday of your "special" J105! Laura, love your DR with the bare heiney hee hee so shameless ;)

And Mona: thanks to you as well, "Mom" ;)

Have a great day, everyone!


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