Finding tree seeds (oaks, esp.) of local provenance

Sarah80November 26, 2012

I might try my hand at growing some acorns with my kids as a project. I'm particularly interested in locally sourced acorns. For some trees I can find them walking around, but others, like Shumard Oaks, whose native range is a hundred or so miles west of me, I can't.

As some of you may know, it seems oaks, in particular the red oaks, are pH sensitive and often adapt depending on seed source...a Pin or Shumard originating from a neutral to alkaline soil area would fare better than one originating in an acid soil area if your own soil is alkaline. Mine leans alkaline a bit, so I'd want to obtain seed from as similar of an area as possible.

Are there nurseries, clubs, etc that can supply such seeds, and also state the location from where they were obtained?

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Sarah, have you tried the seed forum? I have a ton of oaks on my property, but not sure they'd fare very well in OH.


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As you are looking for locally produced seed, phone your county extension service and ask for references to trees in your area where you might be able to collect seed. Al

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