plumeria with seed pods

ricky_23September 24, 2011

I live in the Marietta Ga. area and have been playing with plumerias for about 15 years. I have 3 types blooming this year and have one that is developing seed pods . This is the first time. Can anyone with experiences with seeding plumerias give me any advice on what to do with them. I will be digging the plant up in a few weeks, but will leave the pods on it to mature in the basement.

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Okay, since no one else has responded, I'll say that I had one develop last summer. I put that plant in the house over winter to be safe and the pod stayed green for several months until early this summer when it suddenly started looking bad, shriveled and brown, and popped open. The seeds were fine, however, and germinated with no problems. There were about 70 seeds in the pod. I had covered it with a fine mesh bag, like what you get some produce like tomatoes in so I wouldn't lose the seeds in the wind. Good luck.

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I would assume there isn't any impact to seed pods over winter hibernation. The most I have ever done is protect them as normal and in some instances tie or support the pod so it doesn't get broken off.

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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

Hello Everyone,

Hello Ricky and Welcome to the forum!!!

Like Jen mentioned above, i too have had only one seed pod develope last summer. I dont have much experience with them, but i left it on and didnt touch it all winter while it was dormant. Placed the container outside like all of the others and then during the summer it did turnn brown like Jen said. Only in a manner of days it split open and i lost half of the seeds. When they do open its is very quick. I have heard of somee people placing knee hi stockings over the pod and gently securing it to the pod once it starts to show signs of turning. I missed that window and i now realize that i should have been watching sooner. It did take a long time once it developed a pod on the tree to ripen and then finally split. So dont worrry if it seems like it takes forever.

I hope this helps a little,

Sorry for not posting sooner, I have been working way to hard and finally now have a chance to breath!! : )

Take care everyone,

Laura in VB

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I've had a number of seed pods the last few years.
I have lots of hummingbirds and they like plumeria.

Seed pods generally take 9 months to mature. That's
when they split open.

Most of my seed pods form during the fall and sit
there until the next spring to split.

When they're almost ready to split, they get dark brown
and dry. If you're keeping a close eye on the pod,
you'll see the seam on the top start to split starting
at the base and working it's way down to the tip.

When you see that, you'd better get something around
it to catch the seeds.

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I have been cutting and planting branches for about 8 years now and have just come across my first pod on one of my 17 Plumeria trees.After reading the posts I've determined that all of the pods start off green,mine didn't. It's a dark crimson with light yellow speckles.The flower stem is a purple with light yellow speckles.The actual flower is a multi color (rainbow?).I have no idea what color it will turn next... brown I suppose.It's three wks old 2.75 inches long will it get bigger?It still looks quite supple how long will it stay.

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I too have my very first seed pod, on Kaneohe Sunburst. I'm excited...I guess LOL...but I have what is probably a really dumb question:
Seedlings have a pod parent (which for me is obviously KSB) and a pollen parent? Do I have that right? Does that mean that the other genetic material in those seeds will be another of my plumies that was blooming at the same time as KSB was? IOW, trees that aren't in flower can't pollenate, correct?

Who is your baby daddy? LOL the mystery...


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The flowers have both male and female parts so they can self pollinate.

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Craig, seed pods can take up to nine months to mature after pollination. Usually they're at least five or six inches long and those from dark-blooming or dark-stemmed cultivars are often reddish or brownish.

You can put an old nylon stocking over the pod when it's larger to catch the seeds when it opens, but it sounds like your pod is not ready yet. I think they often open in spring or summer, which would be the seeds' best time to germinate in the wild.

Greg, Del's right, and if you've had thrips there's a very good chance Kaneohe just pollinated herself, but it is possible she was pollinated by a very close neighbor who was in bloom at the time.

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