Snake plant propagation

best_botanistDecember 19, 2005

hello, i have a snake plant and some perlite. i was wondering if i caould propagate them in pure perlite or would i need to put some soil in there with them. and how would i go about propgationg them.

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Propagating Sansevieria is kind of like a hobby of mine. ;-] The best way I find, and always encourage others to use, is to wait until the
plant sends out the new offshoots . When the offsets form 2-3 leaves, often these already have formed a nice root system, I just break it off.
It is very easy to beak off by the way. Wait a few days before potting it in well drained soil. Perlite added to the mix is fine but I prefer
using pumice because it does not float to the top when watering.

Ankrara's Hobby Corner

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Hey, mine have like 3 to four offsets that are 4-7 inches long. but i was really wondering how i propagate them by leaf cuttings. any advice would be nice.

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

Remove one entire leaf carefully from the mother plant. Prepare your rooting container (s) and medium. A good potting soil with plenty of your perlite would be fine. You might want to see if you can find pumice as our friend Supannee suggests. I advise against pure perlite. I prefer to use shallow containers for rooting, and then to transplant them later. Just make sure that whatever you use has holes in the bottom for drainage. Styrofoam take out boxes are useful!

Moisten your potting mix prior to making the cuttings from the leaf. Remember, when making several cuttings from one leaf, it is very important to remember which end is right side up! After you make the first cutting, they will all look alike, so be conscientious about this.

The number of 2 inch cuttings you can make depends upon the length of your leaf, obviously. Insert the cuttings, bottom side down, about half way into the prepared mix. Water well once again when you are finished with them all. Place in a warm (bottom heat is helpful) location, out of full sun until well rooted. Do not pull those cuttings to test for roots, as this will disturb activity that you can't see with your naked eye. Wait until you begin to see the new plantlets emerge from the base of your cuttings. That will be your new plant. The original cuttings will not grow, and you can actually sever them from the baby plants prior to transplanting.

Keep the soil moist during the rooting process, but not soggy. I've never covered any cuttings with glass or plastic and judging by the 100% success rate, don't think it's necessary. The most common reason for failure would probably be with over watering, so be careful.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Hwy thanks alot. i use a handfull of purilite and a handful of mirical grow. is that good? i really do appreciate the advice. u think u can read my other one about draceneas? u seem to know about propagation. thnks

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I have a 3 year old snake plant with 2 central plants. They have gotten very floppy at their center base. One side has come off. Can I restart the plants? I need to know if I need to grow a new root system in water and then plant, or plant directly in soil. HELP!!

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