Air layering azalea bushes and dogwood trees

charlieboringDecember 12, 2012

I have some dogwood trees and azelea bushes that are in poor locations. I hate the idea of cutting a dogwood or azalea, but have little choice. I want to airlayer them and when I have a propogated tree/bush ready, to cut them and set the new trees in a better location. I will also have plants that I can't use to give away. Can these plants be air layered? When can I start the air layering process?

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Plants that can easily be grown from cuttings, such as these, I never air layer, because it is much slower and more labor intensive. Al

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

dogwood TREE or dogwood shrub ... as in redtwig dogwood???

this is why.. when you are asking about propagation.. a latin name really can matter ...

the shrub should root rather easily ... if you cant find a sucker right now ...

i am not sure about the tree versions ... and would defer to al on that ... but one thing for sure.. if it is sold as a grafted tree.. odds are.. no one would go thru the cost of grafting.. if the plant was easily rooted ... unless it is simply the whole 'standard' or form issue ... to elevate it off the ground ...


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