Yellow ghost

scott123456(5)August 12, 2014

If you have read any of my other post you know that I have been attempting to tell the difference between my yellow fatali and yellow ghost. Well I finally got a ripe yellow ghost. It is cylindricall,oval shaped, and short where as the fatali is flater, pointy, and much longer. Almost the opposite of what I was expecting. However, the heat and flavor are un mistakable. I know heat is subjective, but the ghost is significantly hotter than the fatali and a completely different type of burn. Dry and slow not stingy and quick.

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How does the heat compare to the brown or red?

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Nice, I want to give those a shot next year. This year I have the red and chocolate versions. Im curious about the heat as well.

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I never could get my chocolate ghosts to germinate. I have what were labeled as "peach ghosts" although they look different than Scott's in terms of shape. Some got yellow and some turned a light peach but they all stayed true to the regular ghosts' proportions (see pic top left/right for both).

I'd swear the peach ghosts are hotter than my regular ghosts. And once dried, they have a very nice peach color; similar to ground mustard seed.

Chad - would you be willing to trade chocolate ghost seeds for my peach ghost seeds?

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I have never had the chocolates and its been a long time since I have had a red ghost. I have some red ones that are almost fully ripe and will try them side by side.

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Chocolates were the toughest seeds to germinate for me even using a heat pad at 80*. They seem do be growing true to form though so its worth it. The first flush of choc. bhuts will be ready to pick in a day or two. The first large flush of red should be ready to pick as well. Im gonna do a side by side tasting to compare heat level and flavor.
usatc, When I pick the Chocolates on Friday I will save seeds from the first and best looking pods and get some to you. I had the peach ghost on my grow list for next year so Im happy. Email me your address.
Scott1232456 if you want some seeds just let me know. Disclaimer: Plant is op not isolated.

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I have chocolate, yellow and red this year. I find the chocolate the hottest of the 3, yellow the mildest. I did notice with the yellow a slightly brighter(almost citrus) flavor on first bite but then the regular bhut flavor came through with a building heat. All grew true thanks to ottawapeppers great seeds.

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Hi Chad, I sent the email. Please let me know if you don't get it.

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You all are going to think im crazy for this one, but I tried the yellow and the red side by side. To me the yellow was just as hot if not hotter. It was more intense and more painful than the red but the red was longer lasting. Just my taste buds I guess.

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