ardisia crenata

ecb_nuseriesDecember 3, 2009

hi im trying to figure out if i should remove the fleshy sead coat off the seed of a ardisia before planting. I have a spot where i know they grow so i want to colect some seeds when would I do that? i know they need almost constant moisture. i have had trouble looking this plant up so i also want to know how long it takes to get them into reasonable size. any info you have on this plant and how to propagate it is very helpful. thanks

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Yes, remove the fleshy seed coating and plant right away. You are aware that seed raised Ardisia will take several years or more to bloom and that is why commercial growers propagate it from tip cuttings taken mid-summer. Should take three years to have a saleable sized shrub from seed.

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o_0 damn! i guess i may be able to get some cuttings but not much. well thanks for the help anyway!

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I recently purchased an Ardisia and was surprised at how pretty they really are after a lot of cleaning up. Are they fast growers?

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