Domino Peace Lily

hostarookie(6 WV)December 15, 2010

Does anyone know if it's possible to root cuttings in water? What about just taking cuttings and using root hormone and planting directly in soil?



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The only 2 methods for propagation is seed and/or division of the bulds.
stem cuttings in water or with a rooting hormone in soil will NOT work.

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hostarookie(6 WV)

Thank you for your response! I haven't looked yet but where do you find the seeds on the peace lily? (I'm new to collecting seeds.)

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flora_uk(SW UK 8/9)

Are we talking about Spathyphyllum? If so much the easiest way to increase it is to split it and plant up the divisions individually. Mine never sets seeds and it doesn't have bulbs either.

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