How can I make an ugly Shed look Nice?

Daliah(zone 5)August 18, 2004

We have a really run down shed that looks just plain ugly. It still has a function in our yard and holds our lawn care equipment. It has rust on it and the metal is all scratched and bent. We really don't have the money to buy a new one yet and don't want to spend too much to pretty it up. Any suggestions would be wonderful!



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mjsee(Zone 7b, NC)

Kudzu? Oh, sorry--just saw your zone. No kudzu, then. But--a fast growing climber is the only thing I can think of that will be almost free...and won't make life TOO dificult when you have the cash to replace the shed. Of course. you'll need to wait until next spring--and it will only solve the problem for the growing season....

I have an ugly shed as well...but I think I'm just going to have to find another home for the lawnmower. I can NOT deal with that shed much longer...


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ginger_nh(z4 NH)

Some time ago there was a good thread on this topic on this forum. Here is the link:

Here is what I wrote - others wrote even more - worth checking out:

RE: need ideas for shed and garden restoration
Posted by: ginger_nh z4 NH (My Page) on Sat, Mar 6, 04 at 13:31

I've seen pictures is many magazines and books re decorating old garden sheds. Typically they use old chairs, apple ladders, trellises, antique bedsprings, etc as trellises for vines. Also hanging a collection of old garden or farm tools(hoes, rakes, scythes) or anything that has a nice form for visual appeal like old maple sap buckets, zinc flower buckets, hand tools, old wheels.
Surrounding the shed with lots of containers with both flower and vegetable plantings.

Painting the door a striking color(cobalt or periwinkle blue, lime green, red), leaving rest of shed as is.

Windowbox and shutters if you have a window.

Adding a weather vane or collection of metal objects along the roof line.

Planting sides of shed with tall 5'-8'+ annuals like hollyhocks, sunfloweres, amaranthus, purple millet, nicotiana sylvestris, or Indian corn.

And of course, putting an old seat or bench of some sort to one side of the door.

If you go to the Garden Junk forum they will probably have more ideas. Or do a search there.


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saypoint(6b CT)

My mother had a similar shed, leaking rusty roof, no doors, rusty exterior. She put a coat of paint on it, and we had someone put a corrugated metal roof over the old one, a couple of doors and some climbing roses in front and it looks good unless you look too closely.

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hollyhocks cover a mulitude of sins, i like using them next to sheds and old garages..and a must next to outhouses

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Mjsee, since you like the cottage look, go with it! A fresh coat of paint, all the fun scrounged items you can, and lots of plants. Don't forget to hang the wreath on it in winter.

I get some of my best garden items as 'roadkill,' stuff that's put out for the trash. Ask first, it keeps things more comfortable. (Don't pick up stuff if your kids are with, at least until they are comfortable with the idea. Mine point stuff out now) But you will find some cute things to help disguise the shed. And the Hollyhocks are a great idea too!

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mjsee(Zone 7b, NC)

If my shed were servicable--I might try to rehabilitate it-but, honestly, the roof has had it. I estimate it's age at 30 years +--I think it's served it's time.


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