avacado container growing

Toe-1December 18, 2012

Hello everyone! As you see I am new member and have been reading about many folks out there growing Avacado plants in containers. I would like to join in but am unable to find the page of the postings I had read. I have alot to offer in this area as I experiment often in Propagation.I also work in a Garden center of a large home improvement store. I would really like to get to that page. Can anyone assist? LOL Toe-1

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

well let me be the first to welcome you ...

up on the top right of the page.. is a SEARCH function ... as an example.. see link ...

really now.. you want us to find a page you read once.. lol .. good luck with that ...

i am surprised that there is not an avocado forum [i probably missed it.. and someone will say there is] .. but searching brings up the CA and FL forum with a bunch of Avocado posts ..... and apparently a lot of posts in kids gardening...

there is a forum for container gardening.. among many many others...

but unless you have some inkling of the title of the page you are looking for.. its going to be hard to get back to the page .. which i think you dreamed about.. lol ....

all that said.. beside saying hi.. is there a question you would like to ask ...???

and my typing isnt the best ... so i am loathe to mention.. if you spell the word right.. searching is a bit easier ... i will presume typo ... because i already like you .. lol ..

===>>> avOcado

it also helps ... when using google.. to find the latin name ... and use it .. i will give you a head start with that: Persea americana .. it avoids 10 million hits on paint colors.. wallpaper.. etc ....


ps: are you familiar with how to bookmark a page ...???

Here is a link that might be useful: link

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brandon7 TN_zone(7)

Here are some relevant threads:

Avocado as a Container Plant from the Container Gardening Forum

Avocado converted to Houseplant from the House Plants Forum

Growing Avocados??? from the House Plants Forum

You can find many others here. These are the results from the search Ken mentioned.

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