Will this work for a broken branch? (pic)

chrisarSeptember 23, 2010

Gusty winds today blew over one of my tallest plants. A branch was partially broken, ie, it was still attached about 80% I would say. So, rather than cut it off, I used electrical tape and wound it tightly around the area to support and seal it. What do you think? Darn wind!!!!!

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Will never know now . . . before I could get the plant to a less windy spot, she went over again and this time broke it off completely. I have pruned the leaves and smooth cut the broken end. Will wait for her to stop bleeding and apply sealant. She was the mother plant. Three nice branches on two mains. Now it looks kinda lop-sided. So, into the water bottle in a week or so with standard soil and give it some bottom heat before they all go inside for the winter. Wish me(it)luck!

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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia


I know it makes you sick... That wind does drive me crazy too!!

Laura in VB

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Too bad the tape didnt work! Well on a positive note, at least you have another plant and the cutting will probably be fully rooted by next spring!
Good luck!!!!!

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