String of Pearls

luvz(z6 PA)December 1, 2005

Hey everyone,

Anyone have any idea of how to root this? I have 2 fairly long cuttings....for now, I just have the cut end in some slightly moist soil, then the rest of the strand kinda curled up on the top. That's about all the info I was able to find on the internet. Is there some other trick to this? Thanks so much.

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soundgarden(z8/ New Orleans, La)

I propagated this once a while ago, and if I remember correctly, I serpentined a long cutting on the top of potting soil, pressed the pearls down a little bit and used either long staples or wire bent into "U"s to hold it in place. Keep a plastic bag over it to keep moist until you see new growth.

Goodluck, Annie

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Carole39(Z-5 OH)

If you already did this there may be tiny 'beads' showing by now. If not, I agree with Soundgarden, though I do mine even with short cuttings in 3" pots and just sprinkle more potting soil (I like cactus soil) on top of them so they are half covered, bottom water till soaked and set them into a zip type sandwich bag pulled up and left open at the top, if you like larger pots gallon sizes would work, both will extend high enough to close them if you like, and I don't water them again for about 3 wks. They grow under lights and in a kitchen window for me.

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