Weeds vs. valuable plants

titania3(5a)September 3, 2007

I've just purchased a very neglected piece of property. There are large beds of yews-definately going- and vinca which I'd like to keep. Unfortunately, the vinca and a couple of plants I'd like to save, are overrun by nasty weeds, beutiful but invasive prarie plants, nettles and the dreaded buckthorns.

Do I dig out the plants I want to save and obliterate everything else(this does seem the easiest at this point), dig out the weeds and continue battling them for a few years or is there a plan C that is better than what I've come up with? I'm interested in hearing from people who have been there and are wiser having coming through to the other side--beautiful foundation plantings and understory beds.



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vikki_nc(z8 NC)

From my own experience, I'd say dig up the plants and save them in a holding bed or in pots until you can get the area free of weeds. There will still be bits of root and weed seeds lying in wait. It's impossible to get them all. You could use a pre-emergient herbicide to keep some of the weeds from sprouting (apply in early,early Spring). When you replant, be sure to use lots of mulch to keep as many weeds as possible out of your bed. You will need to be diligent with your weeding for awhile.

good luck!
--Vikki in nc

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If the vinca is really infested, you may be better off cutting your losses and pulling everything out. If it's a here-and-there situation, then Vikki's advice is excellent.

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