Hot pepper Cuttings

ri_vintner(FL8b)December 19, 2010

Finally, over 3 months after I put 4 cuttings in my home made propagation machine I got roots!! 2 of 4 cuttings rooted with one still surviving without roots. These are Bhut Jolokia peppers from a plant I broke while transplanting it.

Here is a link that might be useful: Bhut Jolokia cutting

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Nice goin'! Thanks for that post I had no idea you could root pepper plants. I just love pepper plants and have several varieties growing and will start other types at the end of January. I think they are so pretty , plus the parrots love them.

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So, ri_vintner:
What method did you use to get your roots? It doesn't look like you used soil as those roots look quite clean. Did you just put them in water? Did you use any additives? Did you cover the plants or were they open air? Did you add heat at all or just room temp?

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