Total Devastation - bhuts

kuvaszlvrAugust 16, 2011

My Bhuts had finally ripened so I collected 5 of them. My partner is from Trinidad and her and her husband love the hot peppers even more than I do, so I brought them up to her yesterday. This morning she came in my office to tell me there was absolutely NO heat in any of the bhuts. None, she said they tasted like sweet peppers. I had given another woman in the office a single pepper, we went back to her office, she ate it and agreed, no heat at all. I really don't understand this and will be contacting my seed supplier this evening (I don't remember where I bought them). They look like bhuts.. anyone have any ideas what could be going on?

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Need a picture please. Never heard of fool ya bhuts !

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That is bad news, please follow up with a pic of the plant and any pods. Would be nice to know what the vendor has to say.

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greenman28 NorCal 7b/8a

How did you grow them?


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Having the same problem with my cayennes..except it's not that they have no heat they just have very little. As a matter of fact they are so benign, squirrels have learned they can eat the bottom quarter of the pepper with no ill effects--can't blame them, it's been so hot and dry here. How weird is it when squirrels are eating my cayennes but laying off the alma paprika which have a mild heat? I know they say if you reduce watering peppers get hotter, but with this heat I have serious leaf death/drop if I don't water once a day.

Luckily my serranos are plenty hot--though in this heat they only produce peppers that are bullet sized.

P.S. I'm not impressed by the heat from my Thais either. Have two bhut plants but no pods--in this heat they won't even try to set out flowers.

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They are being grown in raised beds, filled with compost, amended with bone meal (at least trying to, my dogs are jumping the garden fence and eating the bone meal blech - one had diarrhea for 2 days after trying to eat it off of 40 some plants). Watering them when the soil dries out. I've got around 40 other plants, the rest seem to be as hot as expected. Sounds like greenie88 is close to me, but our heat finally broke recently, it's back into the 100's but at least it's not 110+.

I'll post pics tonight.

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Possible that if the seeds you bought were open pollinated, they may have crossed with a sweet pepper. I have Bhut's and they are definitely very hot. They are being grown in pots.

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Well, I've taken photos, but they are on my hard drive (my website - for my Kuvasz has been dormant and I can't put them up there, I canceled my facebook page long ago, I don't have an account with any of the photo sites.. so, I'm trying to decide how to get them up). One note, I purchased them from Redwood City.. I haven't contacted them yet. Interestingly the other fruit problems I've had this season (very small anchos and anaheims), the seeds were purchased from them... Very strange as I know they have a good reputation.

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sjetski(6b NJ)

Sorry to hear about your non-pungent Jolokias.

Believe it or not, you may possibly have a winner on your hands. Everyone always comments on how good Bhuts taste, except the heat is too great for many ... if yours is truly a Bhut with no heat then a person can actually enjoy the flavor without the volcanic explosion. Personally I would save a bunch of seeds and distribute them for others to try next year, maybe with the disclaimer that the offspring "may" turn out hot though...Just an idea anyway.

We should probably ID the pods first before anyone gets excited though.

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hmmmm, interesting idea sjetski, I have been isolating blooms to collect seeds. I guess tomorrow I'll set up an account on one of the photo sites and upload them so I can post them here.

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You could look into using Flickr, I used to post my first pic just an idea to post your pic

Here is a link that might be useful: Flickr

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...or photobucket both have free accounts.

photobucket makes it easy...when you hover over your pic, you get the HTML code right there and all you need to do is click it and it automatically copies it to your clipboard so you can paste it in your message here. Just be sure to use the HTML code as there are several options.

Here is a link that might be useful: Photobucket

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cmpman1974(Zone 6 MI)

U probably bought the seeds from a bad source. Lots of "fakes" flying around this year from seed companies like Seedrack and others.

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Nope, bought them from Redwood City. I received an email from them today. He said that Dr. Bosland told him it was still a very variable strain, but he wasn't expecting to hear "sweet". I'm going to be sending him a bunch of fruit so he can test them. He also commented that he was considering dropping the Bhut for a strain with a more stable heat level like the Trinidad Scorpion.

I guess I can see a range of heat levels, but zero? I was eating a Tam out in the garden while I was working this weekend, absolutely no heat, none, but the flavor was great. I took one in to have my husband taste it.... well, he'll never trust me again. It wasn't jalapeno hot, but it was hot. haha, in fact, when I told him that everyone who's tasted my bhuts say there's no heat, he says it's an elaborate scam to trick him into eating one... boy, what's a marriage with no trust?

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greenman28 NorCal 7b/8a

It's funny about your husband....
I was at a friend's house a while back, and his girlfriend and I each ate a ripe Jalapeno.
Yesterday, I was at the same friend's house, and he and I tried another ripe Jalapeno.
This time, however, the pods were much hotter. My buddy was surprised. Of course,
Jalapenos are notorious for variable heat and lots of pod variation on the same plant.

I've heard/read that Bhuts are still an unstable strain (relatively speaking), but
I didn't think that they'd be heatless. I assumed that all the pods would still be
in the upper heat range.


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So far my Bhuts I had purchased last year as seedlings did great on extream heat, I dried pods from that harvest and grew plants from those seeds. I had two green pods that got sun burnt during our heatwave, I plucked and cut out the spot that was sunburnt and ate and even not fully ripe packed a punch. I feel bad for you to care for a Bhut to be disappointed. If you want to give it another go let me know I have some seeds that I know will produce HOT Bhuts!

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ok, got it done, here are the photos.

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sjetski(6b NJ)

Ahh, t hink that explains it, i may be wrong but those are likely not Bhuts. Probably not even a Bhut cross because even those pack heat.

The pod sorta resembles stuff in the Chinense family (Habs, etc etc) But the leaves don't quite match up. Then again it could be a chinense cross but who knows.

If you can, please post a couple of more pics in a few days/weeks time. And if you like the actual flavor, then hold some for next year, the whole making lemonade out of lemons thing.

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I want to say that looks more like a dorset naga than it does a bhut jolokia, but the dorsets are just as hot if not hotter than a bhut.

Its also not wrinkledy enough, nor does the tip come to a nice sharp point like the bhuts I've seen.

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I'll take some more pics. what are you specifically looking for sjetski. I can take as many as you want. Since you guys think they might not be bhuts, I will send the pics to Craig and see what he has to say.

Thanks habjolokia, that's really generous. If interested, I might be growing something of interest to you for a trade... I don't feel right taking your seeds without giving something in return. I'm growing about 40 different peppers, including Vietnamese Tear Jerker, Zimbabwe bird, and a bunch of milder stuff. I haven't collected any seeds yet, but if you like to make rellenos, Beaver Dams are great for that. I'm hoping to have seeds.

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Hi Kuvaszlvr, Thank you for your kindness, its fine with me if you would like to send something in trade its up to you. I like any hots or super hots. I am sorta new on garden web so not sure of the method to go through but until I am informed you could just shoot me an email to

Here is a pic from last year's bhuts. I can take a pic of this year also but they are green at the moment.

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sjetski(6b NJ)

Was hoping to see what other mature pods looked like since there can be a lot of variance on the same plant. We might be able to make an ID if we're lucky.

A flower picture couldn't hurt either.

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These are what I have:

Both were grown from same pack of seeds that i've purchased from a company. They looked different.

It's been few days and the bottom one has turned to red from half and half. One day it looked so pretty with top half is red and bottom 3rd is green and in between is some orange color, sparkling under the sun. Unfortunately didn't take a picture.

I'll do that for the next maturing pod and will try to take a picture of tiny flower.

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It looks like they owe you some bhut seeds.I agree with sjetski. A red hab. I have been burned as well last year so I feel your pain. Should have some seeds for ya in a few months if your interested and of course all goes well with by bhuts!

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greenman28 NorCal 7b/8a

I agree with the others...doesn't look like a Bhut.
I got Red Habs last year, which were sold as Bhut seeds. Definitely appealed to to
get some actual Bhut seeds to make up for their mistake (intentional or not). Sent them e-mails,
certified letter, and lots of images to prove that their seeds weren't Bhuts. No response from
that piece of crap business. Avoid and tell your friends not to buy there.


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yep, I've warned people about them. I was actually told by the seller that the reason I'm having problems with them (some dropped before ripening completely, so I picked the rest before they turned fully red) is that I'm not fertilizing them enough. Ok, I will go for it causing fruit drop... maybe..... but the heat level, and fruit shape?

Thanks for all the offers of seeds, It's really sweet of you, but I'll just bite the bullet and buy more... This time from the Chile Pepper Institute. :-)

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even thought the bhuts can have some variation in heat level, bhuts always have lots of heat. and their fruit always looks consistent with a bumpy-like skin and pointed tip. of course it's hard to know what the fruit/leaves will look like until you actually grow, but one way to get a "sneak peak" is to take a good sniff or even bite into a seed, I can assure you they should give a nice little punch if they are true bhuts.

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Hi in regards to sjetski's request here are some flower pics from my Bhut plant

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ok, here's more photos like requested. What cha think?

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Here's a better photo of the flower.

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