Best pecan trees for Louisiana

stevehikerDecember 28, 2009

I'm looking to plant a few pecan trees in the yard. I want trees that grow big pecans.

How well do the Moreland, Oconee and Desireable trees do in the pine woods of the gulf coast (SE La., St. Tammany Parish)? We're somewhat similar to the flat pine lands of south MS. But not like the marshes and swamps south of here.

I've heard leaf scab is a problem. Is that true only if you have a few pecan trees?

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amandaj(TN zone7)

Check with the experts in the Fruit and Orchards Forum. Bet you can find someone that knows there.

Here is a link that might be useful: Fruit & Orchards Forum

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My sons father-in-law is grafting Oconee on native
stock south of Houston. He is having good results.

I have a tree that may be a Choctaw, it was here when I came. Thin shell and high oil. Good shade. a little
smaller nut but fine flavor for an improved varity.

Mooreland is reccomended for our area but dont know
anyone that has one.

Scab is a big problem here for non resistant types.

Check they specialize in pecans
east and west, tells about Oconee, Desirable, Choctaw
no Moreland.

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