Do all green peppers eventually turn red?

andyandy(6bMI)August 9, 2013

Will all green peppers eventually turn red (or another color) if left on the plant long enough. I have a bushel of what I believe are cyan peppers but not one has a hint of red. You never know when you might get seeds that aren't what they are supposed to be. I've seen Serrano peppers that are green for sale in the store and pictures od red ones. Are these two different types or will the green ones simply turn red given enough time.

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No,some turn Red , orange , yellow , white , Brown or purple.
Red is the dominant color for most but it depends what pepper it is.

Cayenne can be Red , Purple , yellow or orange/red.
Might be other colors too,I've only grown the above ones/colors.
If they were picked too early they might never turn color before they dry out.

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mctiggs(2b (WPG, MB))

I think what he was asking was whether or not green is the "final color" (i.e. fully mature/ripe) for any pepper. Some peppers such as Serrano are primarily used in the green stage. But, as Smoke said the "final" color is varied. As far as I know there are no peppers whose final/fully ripe color is green. There may be an oddball cross out there that ripens at green, but I've never seen it.

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Ther are several green when ripe bell peppers. Staysgreen and Permagreen) but I don't know of any other types that are green when ripe.

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tony469(modesto zone 9)

Yes they do..jalapeños do too but take for ever so you will mainly see them used green

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thank you all, that answers my question. I was wondering if there were any peppers where the "final" color is green. it sounds like for what I'm growing the answer is no. i'll just have to patient and wait for the change.

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the wait is worth it .....most times will be a hotter pepper with more viable seeds if you plan on saving some .

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There is a green habanero and 7 pot that stay green.As posted above A couple green bells too.

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Correct me if I'm wrong. I've never heard of CYAN peppers....

But wouldn't you be looking for a final color of BLUE?


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The in-between stage is the interesting part. In fact, certain varieties by how they transform to the ripe color, usually red, is often used for identification.

For example, Congo Trinidad peppers go from green to red direct, with no yellow or orange stage.

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