cynister(Z5B/6A NH)October 15, 2008

Randy is a very generous trader with great communication. Thank you!

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Randy is one of the BEST people to trade with and an even better friend. He is considerate,kind,generous and extremely intelligent! His plants/seeds are healthy,well packed and always arrive quickly.He always puts others needs before his and communication is always on point.
Thank you for everything Randy!

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rosepedal(Four seasons zone4/5)

He is the best! Very nice and knows his plants...He shared some of his plants with me and taught me too....Wonderful person and gardener..His plants are so healthy! and packaged great...Thank you for your kindness..Barb

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donperkins(MS z7b)

I answered a plants for postage offer from Randy & they arrived VERY well packaged and in GREAT condition. He is full of great conversation & lots of useful information. I absolutely recommend trading with Randy if given the chance. Thank you again for sharing your garden with me.

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I took advantage of a plants for postage offer also and I have never received a better looking plant! Randy's packaging skills are top notch.
Thanks for the great plant!

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Another high mark for Randy! I happen to be in close enough proximity to meet with Randy in person. He IS very generous and loves to share and talk about his unique plants. It is rare to find someone so horticulturally educated who is also fun to talk to! When we met, most of the things I gave him were things that he wanted to give to other people! Talk about altruistic... Anyone trading with Randy is sure to not be disappointed.

...and since we live so close, if you trade with Randy, maybe I'll get something out of it too! Just kidding...... kinda'.


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rosepedal(Four seasons zone4/5)

Lol Eric! So true Mark thanks of so many others before himself...I was one he traded his plants for to receive yours for me!

That has never been done on Gw before!

Not only that but he is fun to talk with and teaches so much (I told him he should be a teacher)... I hope he likes my corny jokes..:) lol

I now have the best gh in WI! because of his caring heart about others....Okay he is mine and no one can have him! (evil laugh in the background)....Just kidding he is one of a kind! cant say enough great things...Other than the tape comapany is getting rich...hahhahhah smiles Barb

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rosepedal(Four seasons zone4/5)

I meant thinks...hahah dork here...Barb

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I took Randy up on his offer for a plant for postage. It arrived very fast, well packaged and healthy. It was very generous of him to offer his plants in such a way. I feel lucky and honored. Awesome job thank you so much!

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I just recieved a box of plants from Randy for postage.
Awesome plants, communication #1. Could not ask for better!!


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Received a great box of plants from Randy. They were very healthy and packaged great. He is very generous with his plants and also helped me find another plant with someone else on Garden Web. Would highly recommend trading with him if you get the chance.

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Ohhh my GOODNESS, I'm still doing the Happy dance. Randy offered plants for postage and I JUMPED at the opportunity. boy oh boy am I GLAD I did. Wonderful plants!!! Wonderful communication!!! Wonderful Trade!!! Thank you Randy!!!

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roper2008 (7b)(7b)

Received cuttings and seeds from Randy. Very generous in offering
me all different kinds of cuttings. He made my day today!!!
Thanks Randy!

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Received my seeds for postage today from Randy and wow for the little bit of postage I paid there is well worth the seeds :)...thanks for the trade Randy and thanks also for the plant advice you sent in's good to meet you and thanks for sharing with me, Dianne

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Package I receiced from Randy would make one (garden) green with envy. He went beyond....! Pleasurable & informative exchanges allowed me to prepare for the package in advance. I spent time googling the unique and eclectic selections he made...enjoyed every minute of it. Package arrived with each plant clearly labeled and protectively wrapped. Something for all the senses. It is abundantly clear that he enjoys plants and sharing with others. Would welcome ANY opportunity to trade with Randy!

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I had a very enjoyable trade experience with Randy and would be happy to trade with him again.

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana(zone 5/6)

Posted by RetiredFlorida 9 ( on
Wed, Dec 12, 12 at 23:29

An amazing trader, who has incredible taste and knowledge of a wide variety of plants. Freely shares that information and will help you succeed with your plants too. Highly recommend this trader. Don't ever pass up an offer from him, that would be your loss.

(copied from another thread)

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I received an incredible mothers day for postage, everything was so well packaged and the box was chuck full!! And he sent links to help with rooting and planting~Awesome trader!!

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lorabell NC(8)

Like others before me, I answered a plants-for-postage....First time I replied to anyones offering for free items. His post and flower varieties offered captured my interest and besides it was Christmas, so I sent an e-mail.

I have never been so pleased, surprised, grateful, humbled at someone I don't even knows generosity, and learned so much in the last two weeks... Thank you just doesn't seem enough..

So I will pay what I learned forward.. And I will use this trade as a standard in how to Conduct my exchanges. From packaging and sending (loved how those potted plants were wrapped) to the communication via emails and care of cuttings. Thank you so much.

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Like Lorabell says, Randy pays it forward without a murmur, and set the standard for me in plant trading so far.

I'd emailed him out of the blue last year because I found a post from him from months before that he had one particular plant I'd been searching for and I just hoped he still had it--but after sending postage, I didn't follow through even after he emailed me more than once (having become so busy with other things I was barely even checking emails), and later forgot about it.

This year when I emailed him in response to his plants-for-postage post, having forgotten his username and about the postage I'd sent, he remembered both and treated me to a wondrous selection of plants I'd never even heard of AND the one I'd wanted last year. And took the time to give me info not only regarding the plants, but whether they would even do well in my area (I live in a colder zone than he does) and who to contact on gardenweb who lives in my area and has them to learn more. Wow.

Randy, thanks for taking trading to a whole other, far more cherished level: sharing. Not everyone can be as good at it as you are, but I certainly hope to be!

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