cloning japanese maples? help please

ncexoticplantloverDecember 20, 2008

what is the best way to clone japanese maple trees. what is the usual time from cutting to rooted plant. what is the best time of year to do this. thanks for your help.

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I use soft wood cuttings taken June/July & takes 6-8 weeks to root

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Grancru(z5 MI)

Grafting may be done just as the spring buds begin to swell or a summer grafting in August can be very successful.


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softwood cuttings are rooted by taking 6-8" lengths in July. Wound, apply high IBA (10,000ppm)stick using 1peat:3 pearlite under mist or poly. when rooted the cutting should be allowed to go through a dormant period (winter) before transplating. This method really sould only be done on species and will not work on many varieties. Best bet is to root species and graft cultivars on the stocks.

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I just took a cliping for my monster japanese maple at my house it been 3 weeks and its doind alsome. I took it right past the woody section about 10nodes. I'm goin to try to bonsai it this is a first for me but it seems promising. Good luck out there

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