Royal Hustler Ivy

a1chemyst(7-Georgia)December 25, 2009

Ok well, a friend of mine got a 'Exotic Angels' ivy plant... thing. (im very eloquant (good at spelling too) with my words/ typing...) Anyhow, it's pretty big and i want some more.... just not in the same pot, so i was wondering if RH where as easy to root in water as some other ivy. Or is there a better method? Ive also been told that its not real 'ivy', persay, but something like that... well READ not heard.. you know some forums are unreliable. it looks similar to english ivy (which i would have prefered i know about it) but is slightly smaller... My brain is pretty jogged at the moment so im not as choosy in my words as i usually am, and perhaps a little more paranoid. I apologize and would like to say thanks in advance

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The better method would be to take a 1 or 2 eye cutting. apply 0.1% IBA stick in well drained soil & mist.

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-question still unanswered

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All plants in the Hedera (ivy) family root easily in water. I like to stretch a piece of plastic wrap over the top of the rooting container, poke holes in it and insert a cutting in each hole. This keeps the small tip cuttings from sliding down into the water. say you have a large plant. You could also stand small pots of soil around the large one and tip layer a growing stem into each pot using a bent piece of wire to keep them in contact with the soil. They should root quickly and you can then sever the new plants from the mother plant.

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oh ok, so what youre saying is put a tip of the growing branch/vine thing in a pot of soil and hack it when it roots? could i skip the middle man and just stick it in dirt NOT rooting horomones or rooting dirt or whatever you want to call it but dirt, like plain garden soil? i have my reasons why.... thanks

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If you are layering it which is what was described in the previous post rooting hormones aren't necessary. You can use what ever type of soil you want. Just make sure the stem (still attached to the main plant) remains in good contact with the soil. Once it's rooted you cut the stem between the mother and new plant.

Here is a link that might be useful: propagation by layering

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