mystery peach-orange superhot

judo_and_peppers(Tampa FL)August 22, 2014

I've mentioned this guy before. it's a plant whose seeds came from a dark maroon red pepper (that I don't know the name for), but the offspring is orange. so apparently it's some sort of mutant, and obviously this would be F1.

I don't know what it is, but it looks like a 7pot in terms of shape, but it's a peach/orange color. in the pics it looks more orange, but it's really more of a peach color. ground up it looks very peach-like. it's pretty dang hot, but more importantly, it's absolutely delicious. it has an excellent, almost pineapple-ish flavor.

I began saving seeds, and I'm gonna try to keep this weirdo going. gonna have to come up with a good name for it. how about "accidental orange 7pot"?

hopefully I'll have some seeds available later in the season, but I'm not sure as of yet whether I wanna send them out before it's more stable. of course I could go the PJ route, 10 bucks per seed!

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are you sure the dark red one from which the seeds came was not a hybrid? if it was, this could be the parent.. I'm not sure what it is.

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judo_and_peppers(Tampa FL)

I now re read my original post. it was supposed to be "(a hybrid or) some sort of mutant"

a hybrid is obviously the more likely option. either way, this pepper is freaking delicious. like, holy crap it tastes good. I am looking forward to stabilizing it, and getting lots more really delicious pods.

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