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comary(5)January 25, 2014

My favorite veggies to grow are tomato, eggplant & peppers -all in the same family. The best practice is to rotate the same family to be in the same spot every 3-4 years. That is not practical since a big portion of my garden every year is the same. I understand this is to avoid diseases as well as provide proper nutrients.

I have been using a well composted horse manure, alfalfa pellets & compost to fertilize and then hope for the best...which seems to work but I wonder if any of you have some wisdom /advice to share as I plan for 2014?


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Its one of those examples where theory meets practicality.
I try to 'rotate' by planting something different in each spot each year, but at the most, its a 3 year cycle, and many years, I plant things in the same beds over and over again because the bed conditions are ideal for that plant - say winter squash - it always gets planted in the bed where there's room for the vines to run.

I've found that most of the diseases and such can be avoided by heavy mulches so there isn't any splash up on the plants, and trying to water so the leaves don't get wet.

The only problem I've had is potatoes. Way too much disease in the soil to plant them successfully.

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