Next year I want to grow Paprika varieties

kentishmanAugust 28, 2014

Each year I try something new in my pepper garden. Next year I want to grow some Paprika varieties. I did a search of previous posts about Paprika and drew up the following list of varieties:

Alma Paprika
Hungarian Red Paprika
Karpia Paprika
Kurtovska Kapija
Leutschauer Paprika
Boldog Paprika
Csecsei (Cecei) Paprika
Dulce Rojo Paprika
Feher Ozon Paprika
Pritamin Paprika
Soroski Paprika
Sorok Sari
Szentesi Cserasznye Paprika
Sibirischer Hauspaprika

So, to anyone who is growing any of these this year, please consider saving seeds and making them available. Thanks!


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I have Alma Paprika. Send me an email.
John A

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Thanks John. Email sent.


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Hi Tom,

You already have some Alma on the way so I can add these to your list:

-Hungarian Red Paprika (hot)
-Kurtovska Kapija
-Sorok Sari

and one not on your list; NuMex R-Naky (a non pungent paprika variety).

Are you at the same address as last year? Send me an email and I'll send these along with the Aleppo seeds I promised you last year... I've got some drying now.


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Bill: the Naky is a paprika type??? I just thought it to be a VERY mild Anaheim/numex -- never grown it though. I find most Anaheims to be very mediocre as a dried chile. Fresh? Love 'em! Dried? There are so many varieties that are much more tasty.



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seysonn(8a WA/HZ 1)

Any pepper with low heat (500 to 2000 SHU ?) with good flavor and color can be as good as Paprika, maybe even better. I found this Indian pepper called :Cashmiri that is claimed to be superior to traditional Paprika. Indians use it mostly for its color. I am going to buy some dried pods from Indian store , grind and try it. If I like it , then I will plant some next year. I have heard a lot of unfavorable comments on Alma Paprika, mostly being a poor producer.

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Kevin, you could very well be right. I haven't grown R-Naky for some time. I have it flagged in my inventory file as a paprika variety based on the vendor (NMSU CPI) description... "a nonpungent paprika type cultivar".

seysonn, can't speak for others but I've been happy with Alma production when I've grow it. Maybe I got lucky ;-)

northeast_chileman, I'm not familiar with Paradicsom Alaku but your photo reminded me of the Botinecka Zuta. I have it described as "heirloom from the Balkans, a Hungarian cheese-type. Medium-late heavy producer of yellow fruit, upward-pointing. Round-flattened shape, very sweet, perfect for stuffing, or ripen to a glorious red/orange and dry for paprika".

Tom, I'll toss in a few Botinecka Zuta seeds if you're game to give them a shot. I've only used them as small stuffers.


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