The Good, the Bad and the Pretty

jandey1(TX8)September 11, 2012

A "cool" front finally blew in this week, ushering in balmy days that topped only into the 90's--woohoo! I actually got into my car when the temperature outside was 93 and said, "Hey, I can drive with my windows down today!"

Yeah, heatstroke.

Anyway, thought I'd share what was going on with my plumies now that it's possible to step outside without blistering.

Here's the Good, my five little Gladys O'Neal seedlings last month:

That's a wee possible Rose Red seedling with them.

And now, only a month later they are trucking along:

Hard to believe those are the same seedlings!

And here's the Bad, very BAD, no good, BAD:

This is exactly why I don't put any expensive plumies in my front yard. Damn deer.

A close up of the break from deer yanking on it for the toxic leaves:

I'm looking at this as an opportunity to try "curing" the cutting end by leaving it dangling, as described in Jim Little's book.

And finally, the Pretty:

I can't believe Thornton's Lemon Drop is STILL blooming! When the weather cools even a bit the blooms get huge, between 3-1/2 and 4".

Check out more Pretty:

Not drooling yet? Try this:

THAT'S what I'm talkin' about! And there are still more buds waiting to open. What a winner!


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Robert (zone 7a, Oklahoma)


Wow! Can't believe how fast your seedlings are growing! Congrats.

Very sorry about the deer. I don't have that problem (just high winds). Must be very frustrating to say the least!

Thorton's Lemon Drop is gorgeous! Wish I could sniff them. Laugh.


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kt2fl(okla z7)


Those seedlings sure grow fast! So sorry about your broken branch. Hopefully you can get that branch to root and have 2 plants next year!

Your Lemon Drop is also stunning! After seeing this one you bought from the PSA sales, I decided I must have it too! I finally got one sent to me last week from a SCPS member. He let me have it for $25. It's a large plant with 4 very new tips. I hope it'll bloom for me next year.


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mksmth zone 6b Tulsa Oklahoma(6b)

Jen, your seedlings are animals, LOL.

sorry bout your broken one, but hey now you got 2!

Oh yeah I like the lemon drop.


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Jen-those little guys really took off!!! Love it! As for that deer, shotgun...hello, just sayin' LOL so I'm not really promoting violence against animals(insert wicked laugh here).

Love your ETLM!! So gorgeous against that dark green foliage!! I have one(as a generous gift) that I am hoping will bloom next year:)

Thankyou for sharing!


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Um..that was ETLD...

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Dave in NoVA • 7a • Northern VA

Oh goodness. Damn deer. They only eat our rosebuds, impatiens, hostas and daylilies...well, so far anyway. Never noticed damage to plumerias. I suspect they have tasted them though.

Now, on to the Thornton Lemon Drop. VERY NICE! My sister's married name is Thornton, so I have to get one now. LOL! Actually I've been eyeing this one for a long time. But I've already made my one purchase for the season already (yes only one) -- a Veracruz Rose, so no more until I get rid of some others.

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Ouch, that's too bad Jen. Hope you can get it to root. Your seedlings are growing like weeds. They are looking real good. Love your TLD. Like Robert, I wish we could smell it. Peg

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the ETLD is so luscious! An absolute knock-out! ...Must...resist...

Thanks for sharing that lovely.

I am so sorry to see your decimated tree. I totally know that feeling that you get in the moment you first see the damaged tree, with the leaves picked off and the limbs dangling...argh! The worst. That could have been an iguana, in fact--that's exactly what they do as well. Biznatches, all dem...

At least it's salvageable...but it does set the tree back, for sure :(


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Yes, we really enjoyed this "cold front"! The humidity was 43%!!! That`s 1/2 of normal. Today was the coolest so far, only 87 and cloudy. Forecast is NO upper 90`s for the next week. I guess that was fall. No deer here, they can`t swim.

Lemon drop is gorgeous!

Tally HO!

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Oh, the carnage! Gives me the heebie-jeebies! But, yes, an opportunity to learn if something you've read will work for you.

ETLD is absolutely scrumptious! It's on my list for next year. HIGH up on the list now that you've posted those pics. Very pretty.

I can't believe the growth of your seedlings. Mine... not so much. Seeds don't seem to be my thing. Out of about 30 seeds I have 8 that are growing, all at different rates. Here's a pic of a few of them, 3 from the batch you sent me. Those 2 on the far right were eaten by something and have since died back. :(

Tally sent me 3 seedlings and they didn't travel so well but 2 have recovered nicely, 1 didn't make it.

Greg - If those dang iguanas try and make a comeback, you just call "Mom" and they'll have to deal with me! *tastes like chicken*

EEK, changed my mind. I'm trying to be supportive but I'm an animal lover! LOL

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My seedlings from Larry in La Porte Tex, started bloooming they are seedlings of marde Gras. The color looks just like the mother plant. Jen, I have one for you that is blooming, I will bring it to the next meeting. Its just a gift, no exchanges. You can put it in front of your house, for those deer to munch on. I can't wait for you to meet Richard. Barbra

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Great looking seedlings.
I got a TLD from Emeson after seeing your original post.
Hopefully, it blooms next year.

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I got one too, bought it from John, Its as tall as my other plants, but it not in full sun, like the others. So it will probably not bloom until next year. I am so excited to get blooms on FC plants I bought in April, never thought I'd see blooms after 5 months. I think its because they are grafted on older root stocks, does anyone know for sure if that would be the reason? Barbra

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Oh my, Jen, Mike is right - your seedlings are animals! Great job there!!!

Wow, SOOOO sorry about your broken plumie - it really does just make your heart drop :( Sorry that happened to you.

ETLD just loves the paparazzi, doesn't she? That is one glamorous gal right there! BEAUUUUUUUTIFUL!!!

Our lawn mower broke so we had someone come and do our yard - when they were done the man had his son interpret from Spanish to English for him and he had him ask me if my plumies were for sale!!!!! I was flattered but at the same time I thought GASP! Not my babies!!! LOL! I nicely told him they were too young but I would help him find a great seller where he could get some. Only 1 was even blooming!

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Nice work with your Plumies!

Just a simple tip to keep deer away from a taller plant like plumies...

Deer Repellent Packs using genuine granular coyote urine can be hung on outlying plants as a simple solution to keep the deer away. Check them out at:

Here is a link that might be useful: Deer Repellent Packs

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Thanks, guys! After looking at those Gladys seedling pics I decided to remove a couple from the bin and give them their own pots. Just hadn't noticed how crowded they'd gotten.

Robert, the only drawback to TLD is that it doesn't smell as strong as I'd like, very lemony but light so far.

Kenny, that's a terrific deal on TLD! If yours blooms you'll have to report back about whether the fragrance is stronger for you in OK. Supposedly it has a strong fragrance, but not for me.

As for the deer, geez, I've tried everything--including cursing that would make a Teamster blush--to no avail. All it does is make my yard smell awful. Yeah, shotgun would be nice. I do like venison. evil laugh.

Dave, only one purchase this year? You have incredible self-control! Greg, you not so much, but we all benefit from your collection via photo!

Mona, I figured Gladys must just make vigorous seedlings so I'm surprised yours are lagging a bit. I know you must use good mix. I also started a few seeds of JJ Pinwheel a friend gave me but they all died. I guess there's just no way of telling some times how they'll do.

Barbra, you are spoiling me! How wonderful of you to think of me with the seedling--are you sure you don't want to see what the blooms look like before you hand it over? Maybe you'll fall in love, LOL!

Lonnie, I know it's a long drive, but you would be welcome to come down for one of our plumeria meetups. You'd love Barbra, K, and Emily, aka Seedling Queen.


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Jen - can you tell me how you start your seeds?

I read an article by Clare Corre and she said that she started hers on papertowels, kept them warm and when they plumped up in a couple of days then she would plant them. Which is what I did.

I did a few in perlite, a few in MG/perlite and a few in gritty mix. Then tried the same procedure yet again a few weeks later. LOL

Come spring I am going to buy some more seeds and give it another try. next time I want to see some root, then transfer them.

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Mona, I just keep them overnight in a papertowel soaked with water and a splash of hydrogen peroxide, no heat; they just sit on my kitchen counter. Sometimes I put a drop of Superthrive, but not this time.

I use a bagged sterile potting mix, though I think this time it was leftover (non-sterile) mix from some other seeds.

Why the Pinwheel seeds all died when 5 of 8 Gladys thrived, I don't know. They were prepared exactly the same way and put into the same bin. A couple Pinwheel put out a tap root but never pushed cotyledons.

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I'll have hundreds of seeds to give away in the spring so if you are not looking for a specific type of seedling let me know before you buy.

I went a seed pod hunt (kind of like a low tech ultrasound) and found multiple pods on Generic Pink, Saraih's Curly Pink, Celadine, Pinwheel white, No ID White, and Dwarf Singapore Pink so far.

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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

Hey Jen,

I cant believe what those darn deer did to your tree.

You have tried so hard to keep them protected and those hungry guys won't leave them alone.

So sorry to see that one broken in half.. It makes me sick..

Your seedlings look great!

Good luck with them and im sure you will haave them 2 feet tall in no time!! : )

They so so well for you... I think you are a seed queen!!

Hope all is well..


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I'll definately be down for the first sale this year!!

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Jen - that's exactly what I had happen on a few... a little taproot, then nothing. Maybe next time I should keep them in a more controlled environment rather than sticking them outside where they get whatever the elements may be? Which at that time was good hot weather. Maybe I overwatered them but I didn't think I did.

k - I would be glad to take you up on that offer come spring.

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No-Clue(So Cal Zone 9)

Wow ETLD is stunning still! I'm so anxious to see if mine takes off. Your seedlings are adorable! Are they easier to grow then cuttings?

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83 for a HIGH tomorrow! We can hardly wait, breaking out the coats and heaters tonight.
Tally HO!

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We went to dinner at a nearby pedestrian mall on Friday evening. Walking by the Cheesecake Factory patio I started feeling heat radiating from the columns and realized they had thier heaters turned on already. I dont think it was much cooler than 70 degrees.

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Laura, that's fortunately just a NOID white I put out front to fill in a bare area. It was starting to take on a pretty shape with the two branches, but I'll just have to hope for a couple new ones from the broken tip.

Lynn, I find seeds so much easier than rooting. They're very satisfying when they germinate and take off.

K, I can't believe I'm saying this: Could you hold just a few of the DSP seeds for me? I'm down to only two dozen seedlings now and am feeling under-worked, lol!

Lonnie, you better get down here for the next spring sale! You're also welcome to come for one of our hobby meetings.

I actually wore a long sleeve shirt--burnt orange, of course--to the store last night. Got down below 70 here. Brr.

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No Prob Jandy. There are at least 6 seed pods on the DSP. In the meantime I don't know about you but I have run out of empty containers to capture all this rainwater. Everything is full up. I had to go outside and grab the newly acquired cuttings early this AM when it started to rain.

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well, the weatherman lied to me again, why do I keep believing him? 89 and the humidity feels like it`s 12,000%.

Too funny about the outdoor heaters being on already! I saw people in jackets earlier this week, it`s in the upper 80`s for crying out loud!

Tally HO!

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Jen, I had to bump this up as I just read that Irish Spring soap sliced 1 inch thick and tied to a 2 foot stake will repel deer. Thought it might be worth a try to save your plants. Peg

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Peg, I don't know why the whistling man doesn't mention that in the commercials: Attracts ladies, repels deer!

Thank you for thinking of me. I'll look for it at the store and report back if it works.

I've tried so many different stinky and/or gross deer repellents now it's just getting silly. Now I don't want to be in my yard, LOL! I heard a respected landscape designer on the radio say that my neighborhood had the worst deer infestation she'd ever seen in all her years working around here. I should mention that when I try to sell this house. (To move to another house with fewer deer, hehe.)

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Sounds like you need to sell your house to a deer hunter LOL Peg

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I remember the wistling Gingerly Irish guy cutting a bar of Irish Spring with a pocket knife in their 1980's commercials.

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