Yellowing leaves

locust.stSeptember 1, 2010

What does it look like when a plumeria starts to go dormant? I have four plants, that I started from cuttings this summer, they have been doing well. The two plants that grew the fastest have pretty much stop growing and I have noticed that the leaves are starting to get splotchy. These splotchy spots start out fading from the dark green color and then progress to lime and at the end the leaves turn yellow. Most of the leaves are starting this process on my biggest one. The two leaves that turned fully yellow and dropped were the smallest oldest leaves (further from the tip). Is this normal? I have checked them for bugs, I might have found some small specs under the leave and some on top, but not in high concentrations.

I am also starting to see this develop on the other plumeria that flowered this year.

The two plants that were slow / late growers still appear to be growing a bit and I donÂt see this yellowing yet.

I have been watering them once a week, and every other week I water with fertilizer, one with a high middle number.


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tdogdad(Zone 9)

This is all normal. I would stop fertilizing unless you use a 0-0-30.

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